Website optimization company: new website optimization SEO need to do what work

Nov 22 - 2023

Website optimization company: new website optimization SEO need to do what work

Most new sites are not included for 1-2 months, let alone ranked. New domain names and new websites need to go through a new website evaluation period, which is expected to last about 3 monthsseo company. During this period, the site will be included and rankings will be unstable, which is a normal phenomenon.

So how should a new site do search engine optimization? Shaanxi easy website optimization company will come to introduce the new website optimization SEO need to do some work?

1, web page Title optimization, according to the system home page, column page, content page is different and the development of enterprises with different Title;

2, the selection of keywords, according to the enterprise website problems in the industry, fit the competitors' keywords to develop a website keywords;

3, keyword optimization, the use of SEO optimization techniques, according to the keywords of different industries to develop different optimization methods.

4. Adjust the title tag and web page description. Don't ignore the spider's description of the web page. seo agencyThis part is the icing on the cake for website optimization.

5. Website structure and URL optimization, simplifying the website layout and giving clear code procedures for internet users and search engine robots; and

6, SEO in the regular match, according to the above optimization formula, scientific and reasonable optimization of the site;

7、Let the search-related engines march according to your intention, grasp the Spider law, reasonable design and arrangement of students your optimization management;

8, link optimization, site columns page and content pages related to the introduction of links, whether from a spider web page is a "path" to look for.

9. Optimize the title tag, good application of H title, can help search engines to identify the weight of different content;

10, image (Alt) optimization, image description is indispensable in the optimization of the site, not only can increase the density of keywords on the page, but also to the user in the network when the lack of accurate information description.

Of course, there is also the point that to build a website conducive to SEO, there must be a stable and healthy server space. This is also the key to Sgoogle seo optimization of a website.