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How can women improve the quality of their sex life? These 6 exercises can be practiced

Nov 29 - 2023


Scientific and regular exercise can maintain a slim figure, and at the same time increase the performance in bed. Exercise can make the body more flexible, adapt to a variety of life positions, but also help women reach orgasm.

Women can help reach orgasm by sticking to 6 small movements that are easy to do!

1. Lie flat on the bed for massage

First of all, lie flat on the bed, legs bent,vibrating gspot rabbit two knees naturally separated, the soles of the two feet should be opposite, massage with your hands from the knees to the root of the thighs, and then to the heels, and then from the bottom to the top of the massage. Massage to inhale, back to the knee breathing, repeated 5 times, massage must let the whole body relax.

2. Insist on doing deep squatting exercise

Doing deep squats can not only tighten the muscles of the buttocks and legs,the wand sex toy but also determine the local blood circulation, so that a large amount of blood flow to the reproductive parts, which will increase the lubrication of the female reproductive parts when they are congested. In addition, insisting on doing deep squats can also control some of the muscle power of orgasm.

3. Do the exercise of spreading legs

First, sit on the bed and do it properly. Put your hands on your back, bend your left leg and stand, bend your right leg and unfold it, lay flat on the bed, then slowly lift your hips, unfold your left leg and spread it, then lower your hips,vibarator for women and finally, do the same thing with your right leg five times, over and over again. This will give you pleasure and open up the vaginal opening to help blood flow to the area.

4. Brisk walk or run

Brisk walking or running is an aerobic exercise that improves blood and fluid circulation, prevents heart disease and improves sexual performance. Fast walking can make the buttock muscles and abdominal muscles get some exercise, increase the flexibility of the body, and can be better adapted to a variety of sexy love.

5. Shrinking exercise

Women in every urination when we have to have a creative sense of contraction of the pubic area, to stop the discharge of urine, about can keep about 20 seconds before urination, and then contraction, as long as through a long time without insisting on the development of it will be able to make the vagina become more tightly, and more able to fully enjoy the whole teaching process of sex life.

6. Lift the anus exercise

Do 10 times a day to lift the anus exercise, you can get the pelvic floor muscle exercise, because the pelvic floor muscles can control the flow of urine, so that the pelvic organs are in a normal state, stimulate the secretion of gonadotropin hormones, keep the vagina moist.