Apple12 series exclusive charger Baseus20W super silicon actual test

Nov 24 - 2020
This year's Apple 12 series is not equipped with chargers and earphones. After the 12 series is released, the rumors come true. Sure enough, there are no chargers and earphones.

However, it is estimated that many people did not expect that the new package 11 series sold now does not have a charger and earphones.

A few days ago, taking advantage of the good price, I bought a Baseus 20W Super Si super silicon charger designed exclusively for IPhone 12.

Exterior design
Apple12 series exclusive charger Baseus20W super silicon actual test
I have bought several Baseus chargers one after another, and the packaging design of this 20W Super Si charger still has a strong Baseus style.
Baseus’s 20W Super Si super silicon charger is the world’s first mass-produced charger using Super Si super silicon material.
It has an output power of 20W, but in terms of size, this charger is indeed very compact.

This charger is actually mainly made for Apple12 series, so only one Type-C socket is designed on the output interface.
The output specifications are marked on the bottom of the charger. This 20W charger from Baseus supports 5V3A, 9v2.22A, 9V2A, 12V1.67A, 15V1.3A, of which 9V2.22A is a fast charging standard exclusive to the Apple12 series.
In terms of overall weight, this charger is only 45.5g.

About Super Si

Many people are familiar with GaN, but they may be relatively new to Super Si.
Super Si is a new type of silicon-based material. This material has great advantages in density, thermal conductivity, and performance conversion. It has extremely low drive loss and switching loss characteristics, especially at a higher frequency of 400KHz. GaN gallium nitride power devices remain the same.

Chargers using super silicon power devices can achieve smaller size, faster charging, and run under high temperature conditions, still safe and stable.
There is a comparison of the efficiency of Super Si super silicon and GaN gallium nitride on the Internet. The green curve is the efficiency measured by the charger using the super silicon power device OSS65R340JF. From this curve, the super silicon solution and the gallium nitride solution The efficiency is basically the same.

In terms of component cost, the current price of gallium nitride power devices is still maintained at a relatively high level, while the production cost of super silicon is lower than that of gallium nitride due to the use of mature silicon-based materials.

At the level of 20W output power, the use of super silicon power devices should have a greater price advantage than the use of gallium nitride power devices. Therefore, the use of super silicon for medium and small power and gallium nitride for high power should be A more appropriate choice.




Data test

First of all, let's try the charging performance of this charger for Apple12 series. From the actual measurement, the real-time output voltage is 8.76V, the real-time output current is about 2.3A, and the real-time output power is 20.13W.
It can be seen that the product can indeed run up to the official 20W fast charge power of the iPhone 12 series, and can charge more than 50% of the power in 30 minutes.

In addition to the exclusive 20W fast charge of the Apple12 series, this charger also supports the 18W fast charge of the Apple11 series. From the actual measurement, the output voltage is 8.79V, the output current is 2.08A, and the real-time output power reaches 18.3W.

It can be seen from the display of the PDO message in the power test table that the charging power specifications supported by this Baseus 20W charger are indeed relatively complete, from 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V to 3.3V-5.9V, 3.3V-11V PPS Able to support.

The OCP overcurrent protection test of this charger is done with an electronic load. The actual test is in the 9V2.22A gear. The actual sustainable output power reaches 22.9V, which exceeds the nominal power of 2.9W. Therefore, under normal use of 20V, this The charger is fully capable of achieving continuous and stable output for a long time.

In the voltage stability test of 9V2.22A, the current of 2.22A was continuously output, and the measured real-time output voltage was 8.79V. Although the voltage dropped slightly, the voltage value should be considered very stable if the line loss is included.
After working continuously for two hours with 20W output power, the measured maximum surface temperature of this charger is 58 degrees Celsius. From the perspective of a charger with such a small size but a power of 20W, such a surface temperature is not high at all. .

The current national standard requires that the surface temperature of the charger is not higher than 95 degrees. The maximum test temperature of the Baseus 20W super silicon charger is still much lower than the national standard. These temperatures are in line with safe use standards.


Baseus GaN GaN mid- and high-power charger products have always been the sales leader in all channels. This year, in response to the characteristics of AppleiPhone 12's low- and medium-power fast charging, Baseus has made persistent efforts to adopt new super silicon materials to tailor-made 20W super silicon chargers for Apple. Relatively reasonable cost to achieve performance comparable to GaN gallium nitride materials.

Judging from the actual measurement, the performance of the Baseus 20W Super Si super silicon charger is very satisfactory to me. Whether it is the OCP overcurrent protection test or the voltage stability test, the results are very good, especially in the surface temperature test after two hours of continuous output at full power, this charger also gave a good answer.

The daily price of Baseus Super Silicon 20W Fast Charge Charger is 49 yuan, which is totally worth starting for a 20W output power charger.

If you want to choose a more suitable charger for your new Apple12, I recommend this one.

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