The importance of third-party mobile payment in electronic information commerce

Mar 07 - 2022

American express automatic payments

(1) The application of an independent third-party payment model is conducive to improving the security factor of payment transactions.

The application of the independent American express automatic payments third-party payment model is aimed at banks, and bank settlement is a key factor in judging whether the transaction is successful or not. One is the application of the independent third-party payment model, which helps to ensure the security of payment transactions, that is, to realize the transfer of funds by calculating the relevant data of the IT department. At the same time, arrange online transfer of independent third-party payment institutions, save human resources of our bank, and connect our bank to the Internet through the payment network. Ensure a unified analysis of relevant financial flows. In order to ensure the security of payment network capital turnover data, the Internet should encrypt and decrypt the turnover data, and open the data transmission package through the method agreed with our bank in advance. Encryption and decryption are carried out according to the feedback information of the bank to ensure the security and stability of data information in the process of circulation and prevent theft.

(2) The independent development of the application of the third-party payment management model is conducive to ensuring the security of the company's payment market transactions.

The application of the non-independent third-party payment model is beneficial to avoid illegal acts by sellers. Through the supervision and management of non-independent third-party payment institutions, the control of circulating funds is strengthened, so as to urge sellers to abide by the transaction agreement and distribute the corresponding products according to the sales agreement. Secondly, it is conducive to safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of sellers and urging buyers to abide by the sales agreement, that is, to be responsible for the products they choose. The application of the non-independent third-party payment model is conducive to restraining the behavior of buyers and sellers through the management of funds and ensuring the stable circulation of the e-commerce market.



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