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What are the steps to turn on the online payment function of bank credit card?

Jun 07 - 2022
What are the steps to turn on the online payment function of bank credit card?

Along with the change of people's consumption credit card gateway patterns, online shopping is becoming more and more widespread. Do friends understand how to turn on the role of personal credit card online payment? I like the card network I for you to explain the personal credit card online payment role of the relevant issues.
The way to open a personal credit card online payment, for example, is as follows.
1. Open the China Merchants Bank website - bank credit card, click on the online banking login.
2. A dialog box will pop up at this moment. You can choose to log in by typing in your ID or bank card number.
3. Select online payment - online payment role application for processing
4. If you have not applied for the words, the actual operation of the next is to open, click on the open can be.
Because of the convenience of online shopping, many customers in today's society want to choose online shopping as a way to spend money in ordinary life. Nowadays, many customers choose to order big items online, such as cell phones, computers, and so on. But along with the prevalence of personal credit card online payments, many customers have found that when they open their AntPay to make online payments, many financial institutions have set "copies" of their personal credit card online payment limits to prevent excess risk, such as the hot China Merchants Bank and Guangfa Bank, which cannot exceed 500 yuan per payment. The security is in addition to the inconvenience for many card users.

The personal credit card online payment bitmain antminer s19 pro cena limit means that the financial institution limits the larger payment and the larger daily expense amount when the network is certified to buy and sell, not the same personal credit card online payment limit is also different, but most of them can reach the credit card swipers' daily life online shopping requirements.

The online payment limit of Everbright iot wifi module personal credit card is the largest per day, for online shopping transactions more frequent friends, why not apply for a Everbright credit card; at the same time, the traffic credit card, Bank of China credit card each daily limit of 5,000 yuan, Industrial credit card daily limit slightly higher for 10,000 yuan, these three financial institutions can be in a larger level to meet the customer's daily life Requirements, therefore, for online shopping frequency in general people, with Bank of Communications, Bank of China, Industrial Bank in one of the bank credit card is sufficient.

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