Talk to us about active noise cancelling headphones!

Jun 12 - 2022

Recently is really the home of rapid 3d prototyping wireless network active noise cancellation headphones, Huami OV have recently announced their flagship active noise cancellation headphones, look or very exciting. However, as a person who has used TWS active noise canceling headphones for two or three years, I was surprised to find that there are very few people around with active noise canceling headphones, most customers even listen to really do not know.

This shows that the infiltration bitmain l7 of active noise canceling headphones is indeed somewhat low, we customers are not even clear what active noise canceling headphones is to do, what can actually be accomplished to feel, which is actually more serious harm to TWS active noise canceling headphones open sales market.

The first thing we need to noise cancelling earbuds and earphones know a concept is: noise reduction ≠ noise elimination, noise reduction (about) = noise elimination. Why talk about about the equivalent of noise cancellation? In fact, the definition of noise itself is also hazy, we understand the daily loud sound of many, most of the loud sound of harm to everyone's state of mind can be called noise, and even hear their own annoying songs can also be called noise.

Obviously, if from the theory of noise, active noise cancellation headphones can not be completely ruled out, active noise cancellation headphones can remove the noise is actually our subconscious in the consensus, unanimous agreement on the noise. For example, the car noise on the road, the station in a variety of reflective surface echoes of the noisy human voice accompaniment, but also the aircraft aircraft engine sound, the subway subway station traffic sound.

Like this who will be thought of as noise noise is considered to be active noise cancellation headphones to remove, that eliminates this noise what are the benefits of it? The first clear shield off external noise will make their own cell phone headphones play video sound more pure, we hear the sound effects will also be more accurate and dynamic, which is very important.

I firmly believe that we have encountered the subway sound put into the larger can not hear the cell phone headset inside the sound of the situation, which is actually also due to the external noise is too large, over the cell phone headset announced the sound, we cell phone headset only selective to hear the natural environment noise. See this you may have a deeper grasp of noise reduction.

Say some of the most applicable noise reduction scenarios, out, driving, take the subway, while the machine this scenario will not need to say more, there will be noise location will have a foothold in the active noise reduction headphones. Naturally, there are also running sports, company office nap, etc., actually blocking noise is immediately improve the feeling of everyone.