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The most important thing is to pay attention to these details when making up

Aug 08 - 2021

The most important thing is to pay attention to these details when making up

The summer is warm, the sun is just right, the early summer weather is not too hot, especially suitable for travel and dating. Recently found a lot of girls have been traveling together, outdoor trekking and travel. The most indispensable part of course is a series of beautiful photos!

I believe that many girls are still new to makeup and use the same makeup techniques all year round. The winter makeup is suddenly not adapted to the present. The base makeup patchy, fast off makeup, not fit, fall off powder serious, eye shadow and lipstick makeup feeling too heavy, do you have these problems? Let's take a look!

1.the correct use of primer makeup


Drawing a good base makeup is natural is the premise of the perfect whole summer makeup. Some girls do not handle the primer well, after makeup is not as good as their own skin. That's why it's important to pay attention to these details, such as the skin care before makeup. Some people do not have any skin care before makeup, resulting in skin dehydration, the subsequent cosmetics on the face must be stuck powder! Skin problems can not rely entirely on cosmetics to cover up, dry skin just rely on nourishing foundation is not enough, you need to apply the appropriate moisturizing products and makeup pre-makeup milk before the makeup. But some people apply the wrong maintenance products before makeup, clogged pores or too greasy or even grow red spots and other phenomena, such cases also need to be cautious.

2. Foundation and flawless cream complement each other


I think a lot of girls are overly pursuing flawless skin, which leads to uneven matching of concealer and foundation, or using too much, which makes the face feel too heavy with powder and looks very unrefreshing, and in the summer it is also easy to produce the problem of string color and decolorization. If you are not careful, you will become a big flower face! The right approach is to choose a clear base makeup product, such as low coverage foundation or air cushion bb cream, and leave the concealing work to the concealer. It does not matter if there are some small flaws, no one's face is born perfect, a little bit of small flaws and clear skin, will give people the feeling of natural good skin oh.

3. Keep the refreshing light makeup, do not draw too thick too heavy.

Some girls feel that the more cosmetics used on the face, the better it will make the skin look, and some girls pursue water light muscle without using fixing products. This illusion will only aggravate the burden on the skin of the face and do more harm than good! On the other hand, hydrated skin is completed by highlighting and clear primer, not without setting makeup. If you're looking for a good deal more than just a few hours, you will not be able to set your look after a few hours. Especially for girls with oily skin, there is more oil in summer. If you don't use the fixing, facial oil will make your base makeup patchy off, the water light muscle does not last long to become a big flower face!