Top 5 application scenarios of Bluetooth module

Jul 21 - 2022

bluetooth lte module

Bluetooth module, as an integrated Bluetooth function PCBA board, mainly used for short-range wireless communication, has been used as the backbone of the development of the Internet of Things. So what are bluetooth lte modulethe applications of Bluetooth module in real life? Take a look with Yibet editor

A, intelligent medical care

The current health care equipment is usually wearable products or other small objects. Through the Bluetooth module, the health data collected by the sensor of the health care device in real time will be transmitted to the computer of the Bluetooth module. the MCU will correct the value of the collected data. The correct values can be transferred to a file via the corresponding interface and the patient's health data can be transferred to the screen via the Bluetooth module. It can also be responsible for receiving and analyzing the received health data through the APP, which plays the role of real-time monitoring of the data.

Second, Bluetooth Mesh intelligent lighting

Bluetooth Mesh module builds a network and synchronizes with the cloud using a single control device, thus simplifying and effectively controlling all functions in a smart home system. In Bluetooth Mesh smart lighting solution, users can control any one or a group of lights in the mesh network by connecting any LED lights in the mesh network through cell phones, and group, dim, color adjust, and set scenes for the mesh network LED lamps. and can connect millions of nodes without failure.

Third, smart wear

Due to the low power consumption of Bluetooth Low Power (BLE) has been widely used in smart wearable terminals, many smart devices rely on Bluetooth technology and wireless connectivity and data exchange, the most common example: smart bracelet, smart necklace, etc., because Bluetooth low power technology can achieve the lowest power consumption of short-range communication, thus greatly extending the running time of wearable devices.

Fourth, Bluetooth MAC address scanning printing

BLE Bluetooth module in the Bluetooth MAC address scanning printing solution as the host role, the

Scanning peripheral devices

Filter by broadcast name

Filter out the devices with the strongest signal in the vicinity

Obtain MAC address

After acquiring the MAC address, the data is sent to the label printer through the serial port

Label printer prints out the 2D code that meets the requirements

Print out the Bluetooth MAC address in the form of QR code, which is convenient for Bluetooth products to read the Bluetooth MAC address and can effectively improve the efficiency.

V. Smart door lock

In the application scenario of smart door lock, the use of Bluetooth technology can meet the needs of different users and permissions, while ensuring confidentiality. Install the Bluetooth module inside the door lock, people can read the Bluetooth information of the smart lock in real time through the APP, then pair it, send the unlock request to the server, the server will send the unlock command to the cell phone, the cell phone receives the unlock information, sends the command to the smart lock door through the Bluetooth module inside the door lock, and then unlocks it. Very convenient, fast and safe.

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Does BLE have internet connectivity?

The BLE Beacons Despite broadcasting to neighboring Bluetooth Low Energy devices, no data is received by those devices. This broadcasting can be done using BLE beacons without an internet connection. This often appears as a single beacon sending data to smart devices (cell phones, smart watches, etc.)

Is BLE the same as Bluetooth 5?

The previous BLE standards have been improved upon by the most recent Bluetooth protocol, Bluetooth 5. It still targets low-power applications but enhances the data throughput and range of BLE.

Does BLE exist in Bluetooth 5.0?

The majority of Bluetooth 5's significant upgrades only apply to the Low Energy mode (BLE). BLE is a completely different protocol from [traditional] Bluetooth that was first introduced in Bluetooth 4.0 and then enhanced in the v4.1 and v4.2 releases.

Does Bluetooth Outperform NFC?

NFC is instantaneous, cheap, short-range, and has a slower data transfer rate. Longer distances, faster speeds, and simultaneous communication between several devices are all features of Bluetooth.