What are the different types of clitoral suction toys?

May 04 - 2023

clitoral suction toy

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned user, choosing the right clitoral suction toy can be overwhelming. Many different types and variations of these toys are available on the market these days. Throughout this article, we'll discuss the various types and features of clitoral suction toys, so you can make an informed choice.

Toys with air suction

The most common type of clitoral suction toy is an air suction toy, which uses pulsating airwaves to create a suction effect around the clitoris without touching it. This creates a unique sensation that many women find extremely pleasurable. There are a variety of air suction toys, from discreet bullet-style toys to larger, more powerful models, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

clitoral suction toy that use pressure waves

In a similar way to air suction clitoral suction toys, pressure wave toys create a suction effect by using pressure waves instead of pulsating air waves. It is often marketed as a "clitoral stimulator" rather than a suction toy, but the sensation is the same. Some women feel pressure wave toys to be too powerful, but they can also be more precise, allowing for targeted stimulation of the clitoris.

clitoral suction toys with vibrating suction

For women who like both clitoral suction and vibration, vibrating suction clitoral suction toys can be especially pleasurable. They combine the suction effect of air or pressure wave toys with vibrating sensations. You can customize the pleasure of these toys by changing the settings and patterns.

Toys with dual stimulation

They often have a curved shape that allows for easy insertion, and have a suction component on the outside that stimulates both the clitoral and the internal parts. They are also available with vibrating components. For women who enjoy both clitoral and internal pleasure, or who are interested in trying something new, these toys can be a great option.

Suction toys that can be worn

Wearable suction toys are a relatively new addition to the market. They are designed to be worn during sex, providing clitoral suction stimulation while leaving the hands free for other activities. When it comes to sex, these toys can be a great option for couples who want extra stimulation, or for women who prefer hands-free stimulation.

Consider your individual preferences and needs when choosing a clitoral suction toy. There are many options available for clitoral suction toys, so you're sure to find the one that's perfect for you. Just consider the intensity of stimulation, the size and shape, and whether you prefer vibration or internal stimulation too.