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Understanding the design principles of pet cat and dog food production

May 25 - 2023

Understanding the design principles of pet cat and dog food production

There are a variety of different brands of cat and dog food available in the market, with many types and styles to meet the needs of different sellers. There are certain differences in some varieties of cat food and dog food, and there are also principles that should be noted in their production. Below, we will briefly introduce the design principles of pet cat food and dog food.

Cat food and dog food in scientific proportions according to needs

Different types of pet cats and dogs, different physiological stages, and different nutritional needs, in the design of the formula to facilitate scientific guidance, to consider the content of nutrients, but also to consider the specific indicators and the balance of nutrition, in accordance with certain scientific proportions, and the purchase of raw materials to meet health standards, the nutrients should be comprehensive.

Cat food and dog food to master the safety of raw material formulations

It is important to have a precise grasp of the nutritional composition and content of raw materials and to sample different batches of raw materials during production to obtain accurate data to ensure the safety of raw material production and batch production after feeding experiments are completed.

Cat and dog food is designed according to different physiological stages and needs

The food required by different stages of growth of pet cats and dogs is different. Usually, balanced nutrition is provided according to the physiological conditions and feeding environment to provide comprehensive and balanced nutrition for pets at different stages to promote their healthy growth and development. The right food for dogs and cats will also help to improve the immune system.

Nutritional safety and overall effectiveness of cat and dog food

Taking into account the nutritional needs of dogs and cats, the food should be easy to digest and decompose, and it should also have a filling effect on the stomach.

Cat food, dog food should be fully considered scientific ratio, raw material formula, different physiological stage needs, nutritional efficacy of these aspects, while the brand manufacturers should also pay attention to the health of the production process, the production of high-quality, safe and hygienic and comprehensive nutrition of pet cat food dog food, in order to meet the health needs of pet cats and dogs. It is recommended that the majority of pet owners learn to identify quality cat food, dog food, to the regular platform or stores, supermarkets to buy, quality assurance.