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People in China mainly learn English, so do other countries also mainly learn Chinese?

Aug 01 - 2023

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The majority of Chinese people learn English when they learn foreign languages learn chinese online. This is because the English learning environment has been formed, and the cost is relatively low. There are abundant free resources and relatively cheap paid resources.

In fact, people with certain spending power may not choose to learn English, but also choose to learn Japanese, Korean, German, French, Italian, and Spanish online chinese class. These are the mainstream foreign languages learned by Chinese people.

In addition, ethnic minority development areas will also learn Turkish, such as the rural areas of Xinjiang, China, and many people in Guangxi, Yunnan, and Guizhou who want to learn Thai, which is affected by the homology of dialects.

The mainstream language of foreigners is still English. In recent years, although Chinese urban culture has gone out to promote the Confucius Institute, the effect is not satisfactory.

Foreign governments and media are mainly resistant to Chinese Confucius Institutes. They will describe the Confucius Institutes in China as spy centers, which has led to the Confucius Institutes in some countries having to be opened and then closed.

Chinese films and television productions are also screened abroad with Chinese subtitles. Foreign cultures are more tolerant, but discrimination still exists, they boycott Chinese cultural exports, and only arrange midnight screenings for these Chinese films.

Therefore, although China's influence is growing and some people realize the importance of learning Chinese, the ranking of Chinese in foreign countries is still relatively backward.

In English-speaking countries, French is the first choice of foreign language, followed by European languages such as Spanish and Italian, and then Japanese. After Japanese teaching, we develop Chinese. The ranking of Chinese is only one of Chinese Russian and Korean. Before.

In non-English-speaking countries, English remains the preferred foreign language. Most second language countries have options including Chinese, but since many countries require which language to learn, they must live and study in the corresponding country for one year, which leads people to choose Chinese, and the family conditions must be better, Otherwise, they will also suffer from difficulties in transportation, living and study costs. In addition, the vast majority of foreign chat software are blocked and cannot be used in China, which also affects foreigners' learning Chinese.

Taking Germany as an example, Chinese is one of the options for students to choose as a second foreign language. The Chinese need to compete with the French, Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese, Russians, Japanese and Koreans.

The situation in Russia is slightly better. English is still the first foreign language, and the first choice of the second foreign language is German. After that, foreign languages such as German, Chinese, French, and Japanese participated in the second foreign language competition.

Most countries can learn two foreign languages, and there is a difference between the first foreign language and the second foreign language, so this is good news for foreigners learning Chinese. If you only choose one foreign language like China, Chinese has no competitive advantage.

The last Chinese teaching is also a relatively difficult language. It is very difficult for Europeans to pronounce and write. Fear can also affect their choice of language as well as others.

Finally, the vast majority of translation software in the world has poor translations in Chinese and other languages. This also makes it difficult for foreigners to communicate effectively through translation software if they try to communicate with Chinese before learning Chinese. This has also led to a decline in the enthusiasm of foreigners for learning Chinese.

Those who actively study Chinese abroad are mainly because of business activities. Many companies have ties to China. If European companies send overseas employees to China, they are usually top talent. These people will work hard to learn Chinese. Some people who want to enter these positions will first improve their Chinese ability before applying.

In addition, business people will also actively learn Chinese and let their children learn Chinese.

Ordinary foreigners are affected by the media's negative reports on China, and China has no relevant channels to report positively on itself. Therefore, in their eyes, China is still the country that wears blue clothes except for most of Beijing and Shanghai. The alleys are filled with shit and everyone is on their bikes. Except for those foreigners who come to China who know the truth, the vast majority of foreigners actually know nothing about China.

This requires that more Chinese people can promote China on the mainstream dating platforms in the international community by improving their foreign language teaching level, so that they can see a real China on the communication system software design that their students are familiar with. China's propaganda and education power will be much stronger than the mainstream media's propaganda work, because foreigners don't believe China's mainstream media at all.