Cleaning Tip: A Practical Way to Refresh Your Kitchen

Aug 15 - 2023

Cleaning Tip: A Practical Way to Refresh Your Kitchen

The kitchen is an important place for cooking good food and an important area for household cleaning. But the kitchen is often the place where stains and grease are most likely to scrubber manufacturer In this issue of Side Shaw, we will share some practical kitchen cleaning tips.

First,Regular Cleaning

The most important thing to keep your kitchen clean is to clean it regularly. After cooking every day, the kitchen should be cleaned in a timely manner, especially the stove, range hood, cabinets and other places that are easy to accumulate oil. Once a week you can do a comprehensive cleaning, including the floor, walls, cabinets and other corners.

Second, the use of cleaners

The use of a specialized cleaner can be half the effort. The market economy has a lot of cleaners to choose from, such as degreaser, cleaner and so on. In the use of cleaners, according to the business cleaning and development of different students to choose through the appropriate cleaner, and in accordance with the requirements of the instructions teachers to use.

Third, the use of water absorption

Suction can be used to absorb water stains on the floor. This suction device can quickly absorb the water on the ground to prevent the ground from waterlogging, which leads to bacterial growth.

Four. Use of Clingfilm

You can protect China cabinets and countertops by using cling film. Cling film on the cabinets and countertops, can effectively prevent the accumulation of grease and water stains, but also can be carried out to protect as well as the surface of the cabinets and countertops.

Five, the use of cleaning pads

You can use the cleaning pad to adsorb the oil and water stains on the ground. Cleaning pads can quickly adsorb oil and water stains on the ground, but also can prevent the accumulation of oil and water stains, so as to maintain the cleanliness of the ground.

Six, the use of cleaning tools

Using some special cleaning tools can improve the cleaning efficiency. Such as sponges, rags, brushes and so on. When using these tools, pay attention to the cleaning maintenance of cleaning tools to keep clean and sanitary.

Seven. Maintaining Ventilation

Maintaining a natural ventilation system can remove odors and moisture from the kitchen quickly by helping students. After cleaning and production, you can proceed to open the window or exhaust fan to keep the kitchen ventilated and dry.

Eight, use kitchen paper towels

When cleaning the kitchen, you can use kitchen paper towels to absorb grease and water stains. Kitchen paper towels can quickly absorb grease and water stains and also prevent the accumulation of grease and water stains, thus keeping your kitchen clean.

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