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In recent years, as more and more people go abroad, it has become a necessity to apply for visas.

Sep 11 - 2023

hk working visa application

What working conditions do you need to meet when applying for a Hong Kong work visa for frequent cross-border work?

In recent years, as more and more people go abroad, it has become a necessity to apply for visas. hk working visa applicationHowever, in recent years, many people are not familiar with the relevant immigration knowledge before leaving the country, and an increasing number of deportation cases find that the type of visa does not serve the practical purpose. As a result, more and more friends are now signing up with consulting firms.

On the first day of Golden Week Long's 11th anniversary, the West Kowloon high-speed railway station was flooded with people. Many mainland tourists chose to come to Hong Kong for their holidays.

At the exit of the West Kowloon Express Rail station, passenger flow increased significantly. However, the arrival of passengers is still very orderly. The evacuation route was always open with the assistance of staff. Tickets for the Guangzhou South Station to West Kowloon station were almost sold out on October 1, according to ticketing website 12306. The carriage was almost full of people. According to the Guangzhou Railway Group, the Guangzhou-shenzhen-hong Kong Express railway carried 300,000 passengers that day. Some 55,000 of them have visited Hong Kong.

The following are the types of Hong Kong and Macao Pass work:

If the household registration materials are collective economic household registration, you can use the certificate instead. Please be sure to carry the household registration data for social identity authentication and the original household registration data. If we need proof, copies of these materials must be of A4 size.

work visas are divided into four categories: 14 day visas, 3 month visas, 1 year visas, and 3 year visas. Individuals holding multiple valid visas for entry may stay in Hong Kong or Macau for 14 days during the validity period of the visa.

In general, first-time applications should be completed within 10 to 15 working days after completion of application details, and re-applications should be completed within 7 to 10 working days.

Applicants: over 18 years of age, no gender restrictions, no identity restrictions, no regional restrictions, no dual household registration, no blacklist, no criminal record, non-civil servants;

How Long is the validity of Hong Kong work visa?

Within two years, there is no limit to the number of stays, with each stay lasting 14 days.

While getting your own e-commerce visa can be challenging, many work professionals say that taking the high-speed rail to Hong Kong is time-saving and convenient. They hope China's high-speed railways will get better and faster, and traffic problems will get easier and faster.

For work visas in Hong Kong, if you have some questions, you can consult a small one.