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What software is suitable for PDF reading?

Sep 13 - 2023

What software is suitable for PDF reading?

What software is suitable for PDF reading?

We increasingly need a PDF reader so that we can focus on reading PDF files.

A professional pdf reader can make you get twice the result with half the effort. There are many similar readers.convert pdf to word online for free adobe acrobat I prefer domestic brands in China, and comparative research meets our needs.

Is a very professional PDF editing software,merge png to pdf ilovepdf the entire PDF editing function is very complete, it can read, transform, comment, encryption, split, merge, Watermark, electronic signature, compression and so on. As an old brand made in China, PDF is no less popular than WPS and has the second largest number of users in the world in terms of PDF editors, with a total of 650 million registered users.

View aspect

PDF editor has a variety of reading modes,merge two pdf pages into one page mac such as full screen and night mode. Can be converted according to their own needs, but also support the reorganization of pdf files; In addition, when there are horizontal pages in the file, you can use the "Rotate Pages" function to change the horizontal view to vertical view. The specific operation is to click the view function-select the page rotation function-and you can adjust the desired pdf file at will.

Annotation aspect

When reading PDF files, it is inevitable that there will be some critical comments. Of course, the PDF editor has very comprehensive annotation tools, such as wavy lines, underscores, highlighted areas, and so on. Some of these features allow you to summarize and highlight key points for faster reading, while others allow you to comment on other people's articles.

The PDF editor even provides annotation tools for this purpose. Oh, my god, this is so easy to use. There are pencils, shapes, erasers, measuring tools, seal tools, etc. With these tools, you can make some graphic information and even draw some accurate sketches in this software.

Protection function

This social function is very advanced and is used to protect policy documents, encrypt file system data and a series of environmental management measures, mainly personal information signature, watermark function, password encryption function design, etc. , can also effectively limit the extent of software editing, to a large extent can protect the security and confidentiality of files. Companies can also apply for exclusive signatures. Some local government agencies and related research departments are using the ecological features of the Foxit PDF editor to open file encryption and transmission, and even to sign contracts, this function to a large extent to protect the security and privacy of our national documents, so that ordinary people can enjoy a better service product experience.

I usually use this software more, so I saw the main questions, and I answered them accordingly. I basically introduced the reading function. If you like it, you can click the download link above to use it. If you find it useful, please comment in the comments section.