Core Knowledge: What is Cold Chain Transportation? What technology is needed for cold chain logistics?

Oct 31 - 2023

Core Knowledge: What is Cold Chain Transportation? What technology is needed for cold chain logistics?

I. What is Cold Chain Transportation?

Cold chain transportation refers to the mode of transportation that keeps the goods at a certain temperature during the transportation process, whether it is loading, unloading, changing the mode of transportation or changing the packaging equipment. Cold chain transportation can be road transportation, waterway transportation, railroad transportation, air transportation, or comprehensive transportation composed of multiple modes of transportation. Cold chain transportation is an important part of cold chain logistics, which has high cost and involves complex mobile refrigeration technology and incubator manufacturing technology.

Second, cold chain delivery has two important links:.

1. how to carry out the whole process to keep itself a temperature

It is mainly composed of insulation materials, sealing materials and sealing process. Different from the general insulation technology, the insulation technology of cold chain transportation requires that the insulation material should not only be light and thin, but also have good heat insulation effect, the sealing effect of the sealing material requires a higher level, and the requirements under the conditions of open loading and unloading operation in the carriages should also be as far as possible to achieve the effect of heat preservation.

2. How to monitor the temperature all the time?

Transparent monitoring and management of the cold chain car is carried out through wireless temperature monitoring system. For example, cooling temperature and humidity monitoring equipment, GPS positioning and temperature and humidity monitoring are set as a whole without wiring, easy configuration and flexible dismantling; digital temperature sensor is used with high precision and reliability; GPS and AGPS dual positioning makes the positioning more accurate; offline compensation mechanism ensures the integrity of data. For the cold chain transportation industry, especially for the enterprises whose vehicles are not fixed, portable temperature monitoring equipment is the best choice.

Second, what technologies are needed for cold chain logistics?

As a systematic project, the cold chain logistics enterprise involves a wide range of technical research fields. In terms of technical innovation, logistics information technology in modern society is still the cornerstone of the economic development of cold chain logistics network technology, and the informatization and automation of the warehouse, transportation and distribution logistics technology is the foundation to support the operation of the whole cold chain logistics service system.

Cold chain standard technology and certification technology is the core of the whole cold chain logistics technology system. The development of cold chain logistics preservation technology and energy-saving technology can be realized and innovated, such as pre-cooling technology, quick-freezing technology, large-scale packaging technology, temperature monitoring technology, and food traceability technology.

In recent years, the shift from people-oriented to heart-oriented demand core is promoting the intelligent and intelligent upgrade of cold chain logistics technology, and big data cloud computing technology, flexible supply chain technology, IoT technology, AI technology, blockchain technology, etc. will also become an important part of cold chain logistics technology.