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Two kinds of methods to distinguish the development of kitchen quartz stone countertops is good or bad, see all understand?

Nov 29 - 2023

Two kinds of methods to distinguish the development of kitchen quartz stone countertops is good or bad, see all understand?

Stone for domestic use, ordinary or artificial. For example, our kitchen countertops, windowsill countertops, etc., are made of artificial stone materials. quartz slab Probably the most common artificial stone is quartz stone. So many friends want to choose quartz stone. But the price gap of quartz stone is still very large, so how do we distinguish the quality of quartz stone?

How to distinguish the quartz stone used in the kitchen?

Because quartz stone is made of quartz crystal as raw material, and then made by casting or molding. So we want to judge the quality of quartz stone, we should first know the quality of quartz stone determinants, I think is the density of quartz stone. engineered stone benchtops The higher the density, the better the theoretical quality used, and there are many ways to determine the density.

Method (1): Look at the appearance to judge the quality of quartz stone.

For the appearance of domestic quartz stone, we must first see the size of the specification, the thickness of the quartz stone plate, and the color of the quartz stone. In addition, the density of quartz stone can be judged by simple analysis. For this reason, we teachers can start to study and judge from the following four points.

Look at the size of the process. For kitchen counters, the thickness of quartz stone is generally more than 1.5 cm, and quartz stone less than this thickness is not qualified. We buy quartz stone, the ultimate goal is to install in our table, so there is an accurate size, engineered stone supplier which is also a good quartz stone performance. For example, when we look at the finished quartz stone table, the thickness of the sheet used should be uniform, and the size should be a square rule. If there is a thickness difference of two or three millimeters when used, it is unqualified. In addition, the variance of more than two or three millimeters is also unqualified.

Look at the color of quartz stone. My personal opinion is that a good quartz stone countertop, the overall color should be almost uniform. And it feels bright and pure. If we find that the quartz stone we bought is particularly cloudy in color, and the color difference is very large, and there is no brightness, then I personally recommend that you do not buy this quartz stone.

Look at all this quartz. In this way, we can not directly judge by quartz stone plate, at this time, we need quartz stone plate manufacturers to provide quartz stone plate testing report. We focused on the quartz crystal content. Because the quartz stone table is a synthetic plate made of quartz crystals and resin. The content of quartz crystal should be above 93% to qualify. If the resin content is high, cracks will appear and the color will darken. So you can see the test report of the factory, there will be detailed data.

Look at the density of quartz stone. There are generally two ways to judge the density of quartz stone. The first method is to look at the detection report of quartz stone to determine whether its density is qualified. The second is to look at the particles. If the grain size of quartz stone is the same, it is good quartz stone. If the particle size is very messy, and there are pores in it, and some even have pores, these are unqualified quartz stone.

Method (2): Through the test method to analyze the quality of domestic quartz stone

For quartz stone, there are many on the market now, so some experimental means of judgment have also been produced. These are some of the more common experiences. There are three commonly used quartz stone quality detection methods. Details are as follows.

Droplet of hydrochloric acid or oxalic acid on the surface of quartz stone for observation. For example, if we drop a drop of hydrochloric acid or oxalic acid on a quartz table, then we will observe. If it bubbles after a few minutes, it indicates that the crystal content is relatively low, the glue content is relatively high, and the quality is not good. In addition, you can also use cooking oil or soy sauce, pour on the quartz stone table. Let's take a look. If it is found that there is cooking oil or soy sauce penetration below, it means that the quartz stone plate is not qualified.

Scrape the quartz plate with a knife and judge. For example, we can find an invisible area under a quartz stone countertop and scrape it away with a knife. If there is a large amount of powder at this time, then the density of quartz stone is very poor, unqualified, and does not meet the characteristics of high hardness. If there are only white scratches and no powder, it indicates that it is qualified, reflecting its high hardness.

Fire roasting method to judge the quality of quartz stone. This is also a common method used by many manufacturers. The way we do this is we can use a lighter to bake the quartz table top in one place for a while. Then scrub with water. At this time, we will judge that if there is a yellow that cannot be wiped off, it means that the quartz stone is unqualified and the amount of glue is too high. If it is cleaned, it indicates that the quality of quartz stone is qualified. Because we all know that quartz stone is not afraid of hot, high temperature resistance. If it turns yellow at high temperatures, it is not qualified quartz stone.