What is a marketing website and the advantages of a marketing website

Feb 22 - 2024


What is a marketing website?

The starting point of a website is marketing. At the same time, a user-centered website is also a marketing website. It’s not limited to mall websites. Many people simply think that a shopping mall website is a marketing website.google seo course singapore Many marketing-oriented corporate websites bring a large number of expected customers to the company, and ultimately through offline transactions.

First of all, websites can be divided into two types:

The first type: the website is for long-term use. It is hoped that users who visit it can remember the domain name for long-term development and use the corporate website.google seo optimization guide At the same time, it also hopes that its website will be well-known among others in the industry. This is called brand building website.

Category 2: The website is only used to attract users’ visits, and users contact them through telephone visits or online consultations.seo agency singapore The purpose of the website is mainly to attract users’ consultations. This is the so-called marketing website.

Advantages of marketing websites:

1. User experience upgrade

Only when the website loads quickly, the website page has good visual effects, and the site structure is clear can it attract users to continue browsing, can it effectively retain customers, and allow customers to contact you automatically.

2. Focus on product selling points

The website first lets users know immediately what the main product is, and then optimizes the website by analyzing the user's needs.

3.Content construction

Content optimization: core keyword layout, content update frequency, content quality; keyword optimization: business analysis, advantageous products and services, keyword list, etc.

4. Comply with search engine optimization design principles

In website marketing, 80% of websites need to rely on search engines as a marketing platform, so they must be optimized according to the guidelines to win the trust of search engines and better attract potential customers.