Learn These 5 Massage Methods for Many Benefits

Nov 27 - 2023


People who take good care of their feet will take care of them. In addition to proper exercise, they will keep good blood circulation in their feet and insist on soaking their feet. These methods can relax the muscles and promote blood circulation. Of course,outcall massage services foot massage is also popular these years. However, if you want to benefit from massage, you should know many precautions. If the massage method is not proper and you do not pay attention to the details, it is difficult to play a role in health or health care.

1. Relax the toes

Massage seems to be a simple, the actual problem there are many doorways, the most important thing in the foot massage is to relax the toes. Some people only for the soles of the feet for research massage, but neglect the toes can also be an important part of the foot structure. During massage therapy teachers can use their own hands to knead the toes appropriately, to play the role of education to move the toe joints and relax the muscles.erotic massage hong kong This massage method can also get more benefits, while allowing the toes to remain flexible and easy learning state.

2. Use of acupressure board

The massage process can be utilized to the shiatsu board, shiatsu board is also very popular in recent years, many people feel the pain of walking barefoot, in fact, it is to stimulate the acupoints, massage another form of expression. Of course, you can also choose to walk on the cobblestone road, cobblestones are not flat, to the soles of the feet with enough stimulation, more powerful than ordinary hands massage, will feel very comfortable, but also can play a role in health care, promote blood circulation.

3. Squeeze massage

Recommended squeeze massage, hands with the right strength. In addition to finger force, you can also use squeeze massage, from one side to the other, gradually increase the force, and then massage in the same direction, the effect is good.

4. Tapping the soles of the feet

Tapping the soles of the feet is a massage needs to go through the steps, if you simply use both hands to massage, the strength is very single, the direction has not changed. You can use tools to gently tap the soles of the feet, through this way to eliminate fatigue and improve circulation, the effect is more significant. Especially those who walk for a long time, if the choice of shoes is not comfortable, the pressure surface of the soles of the feet is not uniform, may feel the pain, and by tapping the soles of the feet all-round massage, the feet will feel comfortable.

5. Lift your legs and shake your feet

Most people only do traditional foot massage when they massage their feet. In fact, occasionally shaking your feet can also play a health role. All you need to do is lie on a yoga mat, lift your feet and shake them at a certain frequency. During this shaking process, your feet are completely relaxed so that the blood can flow properly and be delivered to the needed areas. Although there is no pain or comfort in squeezing and massaging the soles of your feet during the activity, it still serves to nourish your body.