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Girlfriend rejects' fun toys'? Teach you 3 ways to get rid of!

Mar 20 - 2024

Girlfriend rejects' fun toys'? Teach you 3 ways to get rid of!

Girlfriend rejects' fun toys'? Teach you 3 ways to get rid of!

Have you tried it with your significant other?

Your attitude is...

Hi Sen, curious and eager to try it yourself?

Or shy, awkward,rabbit vibrator totally unacceptable?

So here's the question,

Why is she so resistant to small toys?

Please bring your guidebook with you!

01 # Appearance level is not high & size is too big #

You think we girls like big, tough ones?

This is a big mistake! ! !

The size is too big,

Instead of being "happy,"

It can actually cause pain!

Most girls are interested in cute,

Pink toy hands everywhere!

Opinion guide

It is recommended to start with small, wand vibrator cute eggs and sticks rather than "simulated X-tools". Remember to be sure: the size is right, the appearance level is on line.

02 # Lubrication system is not enough & poor experience #

If the small toy doesn't have enough lubrication,

Women may feel too much friction.

Causing pain and discomfort,

The whole experience was awful,

Naturally I don't want to use it anymore

Opinion guide

If the secretion of self-love liquid is insufficient, it is recommended to use small toys with lubricating liquid to avoid dryness and swelling

03 # Concept more conservative & psychological anxiety #

Toys are always labeled negatively,

Some of you think

If using toys is cheating on your partner,

So people are ashamed of it.

Opinion guide

Whether you're single or married, what's the shame in pursuing sexual pleasure if it doesn't violate morality? Slowly guide ta to correctly understand the toy, relieve TA's anxiety and worry

Small toys are only used as instruments of mental pleasure,

There are no labels of social criticism and sexual attitudes.

Whether to use it, how to use it, is a personal choice,

Apricot's history has nothing to do with rich and open sexual ideas!

How do you get her to love toys?

Nanny level tutorial, from beginners to advanced players!

Find out about her interests and attitudes

Can inadvertently spark a conversation about pleasurable products,

Ask the person:

Want to try it?

If she shows any desire or thirst for knowledge,

That's half the battle,

You can "explore new lands."

02 # Simple Features & Win at face value #

Starter toy development suggestions choose cute type,

Cute appearance will make girls relaxed;

It's not that hard to accept;

Try to choose products that can adjust the vibration frequency.

It's not too exciting to accept this fact,

Or the vibration force is too small to be musical.

03 # Mixed Spray & Hijinks #

Toys to learn to use together with night strength spray,

Can make the whole process more fun!

Spray extra time, toy flirting,

Hi double!