Simple tricks let you say goodbye to all split ends

Nov 19 - 2021

Simple tricks let you say goodbye to all split ends

It's been a long time since I went to the barbershop for care, and the hair ends are split? British Internet celebrity Stefanie Williams recently shared on social media Tik Tok the trick to cut off all split ends and set off a boom. This simple trick is suitable for girls with straight long hair. It only needs a pair of scissors to perform, and local girls can also try it.

Stefanie Williams wrote, "Removing the split ends and hair is not so easy to break. This is what my mother taught me." She also introduced that curly hair girls should straighten their hair before applying this trick.

Stefanie Williams, with long waist and long hair, recommends to take care of and cut off the split ends according to the following practices every three weeks to maintain a healthy hair. She has millions of followers in Tik Tok, many people leave a message praising the use of this trick, and even claimed "see the effect immediately".


Step 1: First tie the top hair to the head of the ball randomly, the rest of the hair is divided into two halves, and comb the hair.

Step 2: Divide the hair into small bundles and tighten the hair.


Step 3: Look carefully, you will see the split ends and hair coming out of the hair bundle. Use scissors to cut the split ends along the tress, but remember to be careful not to get too close to the tress.

Step 4: Then grab another bunch of hair and repeat the above procedure until the entire hair is completed.


(Photo: Tik Tok @stef_fit)