[Pneumonia mask] Long-wearing itchy skin, N95 explosive acne?

Jun 24 - 2020

[Pneumonia mask] Long-wearing itchy skin, N95 explosive acne?

  Masks and skin problems

  Between 2002 and 2004, there were many studies on masks and skin problems. Among them, Singaporean doctor Foo et al. [1] reported in his team’s research that 35.5% of the medical staff who participated in the study had different skin problems after using N95 masks. Among them, 59.6% had more acne than before, 51.4% had itchy skin, and 35.8% had facial rashes. In addition, skin allergies and rosacea attacks are also common skin problems after using masks.

  (1) Contact dermatitis / sensitive skin  -  patients with eczema are also recommended to use medical masks

  The medical mask has three layers, the outermost layer is a waterproof layer, the middle layer is a barrier against germs, and the inner layer absorbs moisture and moisture from the mouth and nose. The material of the mask is generally non-woven fabric, which is also called non-woven material (non-woven material), and its raw material often contains polypropylene (Polypropylene), referred to as PP. Or polyethylene (Polyethylene), referred to as PE. In addition, the mask also contains preservatives (such as Quaternium-15 quaternary ammonium salt, dibromodicyanobutane dibromodicyanobutane) and formaldehyde-releasing ethylene uric acid (Ethylene urea), melamine-formaldehyde resin (Melamine), and even mask ear straps Thiuram, etc., these can cause allergic contact dermatitis.

  Skin sensitivity caused by masks can cause redness, dryness, itching, swelling, and even exudate or blisters on the skin at the mask level. When the fiber material of the mask rubs against the skin, the redness and swelling of the skin will get worse. And formaldehyde also has the opportunity to make the mask not covered, such as the eyelids, become swollen and itchy. Patients who are sensitive to the rubber of the ear strap may have redness and swelling of the ear skin.

  Because cotton masks cannot effectively block germs, even if you are an eczema patient, if you want to go out during the current pneumonia epidemic, please choose a medical mask, but it is not necessary to use N95. Black masks, because the formaldehyde content is higher than ordinary medical masks, so it is not suitable for people with sensitive skin (and also check whether the mask level reaches the level of medical masks). If you are sensitive to the rubber of the ear strap, you can separate the gauze between the ear strap and the skin of the ear, or choose a non-rubber strap mask, but be careful that the strap is too long to get dust and germs.

  On the contrary, people with sensitive skin can reduce the amount of going out. If work permits, stay at home more and reduce the time spent on masks (within six hours). If the work is not allowed, when wearing a mask when going out, the number of conversations and large mouth movements are also reduced to reduce the chance of mask and skin friction.

  People with severe skin sensitivity need to apply steroid ointment to the affected area according to the doctor's instructions. Before using the mask, apply an oily emollient ointment, which also helps to block the allergens of the mask from entering the skin.

  (2) Acne / ring-shaped dermatitis  - Carefully choose cosmetics

  Wearing a mask for a long period of time can easily block pores with oil, breed acne bacteria (Propionibacterium Acnes), form acne, or worsen ring-mouth dermatitis.

  In addition to reducing the time it takes to wear a mask, people who are prone to acne should cleanse and moisturize daily. You can also use facial tissue to absorb facial oil before using the mask. When choosing a moisturizer, because the mask can reduce the loss of moisture from the skin covered, oily skin people do not need to use a moisturizer, BB cream or even air cushion powder, which is not necessary for makeup. It is also best to use make-up powder or pressed powder to set makeup, remove heavy makeup with heavy feeling, and avoid thick makeup. In fact, if the face is too moist, it will also damage the filter layer of the mask and cannot effectively block the germs.

clean beauty

  If there are acne problems, they should be treated as soon as possible. Do not squeeze or acupuncture the acne area to avoid scars. The doctor may have the opportunity to prescribe antibiotics, A acid, mite medicine, or optical treatment of acne.

  (3) Rose acne  - It is also important to avoid drinking alcohol and spicy food to relieve emotions

  Rose acne originates from the disorder of the nervous system that controls the blood vessels of the face, causing excessive expansion of the microfilament blood vessels on the face. The patient has redness, rough skin, hot flashes, and even burning tingling. In addition, some patients also have acne-like pus heads, or rosacea, or even tingling red eyes.

  Wearing a mask for a long time will increase the moisture, heat and sultry sensation on the skin, which will cause the situation that the air covered by the mask will not stay through and easily induce rosacea.

  It is recommended that patients go out less and reduce the time to use the mask. When using the mask, pay attention to changing the mask once every few hours. In terms of diet, patients with rosacea should also avoid eating spicy food and avoid drinking alcohol. If the situation is serious, seek medical advice as soon as possible, and the treatment direction is close to acne.

  In addition, understand the recent epidemic, whether it is for frontline medical staff who work hard in a stressful environment day or night, or people who are worried that they do not have sufficient supplies and masks, it will cause some trouble, and mental stress and negative emotions are also likely to cause rose acne deterioration. At present, Wuhan's pneumonia epidemic is serious. All people are in the highest alert and nervous state. It is normal to feel anxious and depressed. It is not necessary to escape these negative emotions. If you are unhappy or unable to cope with difficulties, learn to talk to others, seek help, try to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and try to get enough rest every day. Even now, if you stay at home and have limited activity space, you can try to find some ways to relax yourself, such as meditation, reading, watching online movies with your family, etc., and try to increase some positive energy.

  (4) Saliva rash  -  babies are the most common, also appear on long-distance flights?

  This usually occurs in infants up to one year old. The baby will secrete a lot of saliva during the period of long teeth; and eating milk (whether it is a nipple or a nipple movement) will also make the baby drool easily. Some babies also have problems with milk spilling, spitting milk, choking milk, etc. If the saliva around the mouth is not wiped off in time, especially when you go out wearing a mask, digestive enzymes in the saliva will slowly decompose the cuticle of the skin and produce a mouth Dry and rashes and even inflammation of the skin around and around the chin. If the skin is damaged and treatment is not done quickly, coupled with friction between the mask and the mouth, it is easy to cause secondary bacterial or fungal infections.

  In fact, in addition to babies, passengers taking long-distance flights generally wear masks recently. Wearing a mask while sleeping can also easily cause saliva to stay on the skin at the side of the mouth, causing adult saliva rash.

  To solve this problem, be sure to pay attention to whether there is saliva on the skin that has not been dried. Seek medical attention as soon as possible if you have a sensitive condition. In addition to moisturizers, doctors have the opportunity to prescribe steroid creams and antibiotic/antifungal creams.

  Finally, I sincerely hope that everyone will spend the most difficult time together, and care more about the people who lack masks and supplies around them, and give them warmth. If you have surplus supplies, please actively support street sleepers, cleaners, the elderly and the disadvantaged. Here, I especially thank all the medical staff and cleaning workers for their hard work and selfless contribution to society. May the epidemic end soon and everything will return to good!

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