It turns out that there are so many great uses for dishwashing sponges at home

Aug 28 - 2023


Sponges can provide stain removal and cleaning, but with a little ingenuity, they can also be transformed into other living props, which can not only be used for home life, but also save the cost of buying cleaning props. Common double-sided sponges are the best, one side soft and one side hard, can play a multifunctional role.

1. Wipe windows and glass

Take out 2 double-sided impact sponge city sponge, cut the intersection of the yellow and green sides with a hobby knife, cut out a depth that allows the barbecue clip to be put in.white eraser sponge

Insert the clips into the sponge and use it to clean hard-to-penetrate household items such as blinds or glass crevices, or exhaust hood blades and windshields. Use with detergent.

2. Clean water pipes

Take out a traditional green sponge and cut it into long strips, about 3 ~ 4 equal parts. Because it needs to be rolled up after cutting, it is recommended to soak it in water for about 1 minute to soften it.

Once softened, put a bamboo chopstick at the front end, roll it up to the end and secure it with a rubber band. It can be used to clean water pipes or to go deeper into hard-to-clean holes. It can also clean the drain hole of the sink.

3. Protect table

Take a piece of traditional green sponge and cut it into the right shape according to the size of the table legs at home.

Double-sided tape or white glue to cut the sponge to stick on the corner of the table, fixed assets can be, it is recommended that you can choose the traditional green sponge, because of its harder texture, more able to play the role of environmental protection table legs, will be more effective than the yellow sponge to come to the learning effect.

4. Clean up the fan

Take out a double-sided sponge and put it on the cutting board. Use a craft knife to cut the yellow surface. Make 2 horizontal strokes and 4 vertical strokes. Cut deeply into the green sponge. Do not cut the sponge, spread it out to form a mango shaped cut.

You can mix the cut sponge and detergent together to clean the fan blades, or usually difficult to reach into the gap to deal with, simple and clean!

5. Scrub the mesh racks

The racks in the oven get a lot of grease stains. If you scrub them piece by piece with a rag, it will be both time-consuming and laborious. Instead, you can cut the sponge along the grid lines and insert the sponge into the grid. After a few scrubbing sessions, the middle part of the shelf is significantly less greasy.

6. Scrub the inside of cups

Especially for straight cups, if the inner wall is left with tea stains, we can't even reach in to clean it with our hands. Cut the sponge into strips, rolled up, tied with a rubber band, and then add two chopsticks, you can easily reach into the cup to clean. The cups cleaned in this way are also brand new.

7. Clean up the crevices of health

For example, the use of window sill cracks, sliding door frame cracks, etc.. Will be a piece of sponge city along the window frame line, cut, and then by wiping, crevices soon we were scrubbed clean. Sponge technology can also be used to develop clean shutters, a sponge can be selected from the cut, stretching into the shutter fan leaf, gently wipe, will soon be able to wipe both sides of the fan leaf clean.

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