Physician 4 anti-allergic recommendations: thick makeup is easy to clog pores

Jun 24 - 2020

Physician 4 anti-allergic recommendations: thick makeup is easy to clog pores

  Wearing masks is now becoming a national epidemic prevention standard and a national etiquette, but you know, what kind of skin sensitivity problems can occur in dull skin in a closed office or public place for a long time? Qiu Pinqi, director of the Taichung Meizhi Dermatology Clinic, shared that wearing a mask must do good skin care to fight against the sensitive muscles of the mask.

  Regardless of whether your mask is flat or three-dimensional, wearing it for a long time is uncomfortable and can easily cause sensitivity. Many people think that when wearing a mask, only their eyes are exposed, and they just do nothing when the skin is just right, or the maintenance control person still sticks to the original maintenance SOP procedure before going out. In the end, what should be done in accordance with the dermatology? The doctor's ideal standard? Is there any way to reduce the appearance of "mask sensitive muscles"?

  Dr. Qiu Pinqi suggested

  Mask sensitive muscles: doctors' recommendations for long-term masks

  1. Try not to use skin care products or cosmetics that are too moist.

  Recently, the climate is dry and cold, and many people with dry skin are faced with more dry and uncomfortable skin conditions. However, if you must wear a mask when you go out during the day, the doctor recommends that you avoid using moisturizing care products to prevent the grease of the products from contaminating the inner layer of the mask. In addition, many air cushion powders that are advertised as creating creamy muscles can also be put away first, or after using the air cushion powder, dry powder is pressed to remove the moist base and create a dry feeling. However, Qiu Pinqi suggested that wearing a mask for a long time is easy to get stuffy and sensitive. If you put on a thick base makeup, it will easily clog your skin.

  2. Try not to put on makeup for a long time wearing a mask, let alone heavy makeup.

  Basically, wearing a mask is really light makeup, it is recommended that you can try to find the right time to take off the mask to ventilate. Dermatologists recommend that after wearing a mask for a long time to get home, you should remove and clean your skin as soon as possible to keep your skin clean and refreshed without any burden.

  3. If you have skin problems around the mouth and chin or are easily sensitive, it is better to hurry up.

  Wearing a mask is most likely to cause acne, folliculitis, acne, allergies, or even worse because of being too hot. There are many people with sensitive and fragile skin or those with sensitive muscles, or people who are prone to irritant dermatitis, and those with perioral dermatitis.

  4. Wearing a mask for a long time is likely to cause acne, rosacea and dermatitis. It is best to consult a dermatologist for treatment.

  In addition, wearing a mask for a long time is also easy because the mask and the skin directly rub for a long time, which makes the skin more sensitive or severely breaks the skin, acne will worsen, and lees will worsen the skin.

  Mask sensitive muscles: Is it good to wear a mask?

  During the epidemic prevention, wearing a mask can protect yourself or prevent others. The correction is now at the peak of the flu and can avoid the invasion of two viruses at the same time. In addition, Dr. Qiu Pinqi said: "Wearing a mask with a slight sunscreen effect can also reduce the damage of the haze to the skin. In addition, people with allergic rhinitis can also reduce the incidence of rhinitis." If the mask is ear Hanging type, if wearing for a long time makes the ears uncomfortable, it is recommended that you can wear the gauze pad after wearing your ears.