NO MORE Sebum Tekari Prevention Item. Base makeup for those who fight dry even in summer

Jul 28 - 2020

NO MORE Sebum Tekari Prevention Item. Base makeup for those who fight dry even in summer

Even if it's hot

It is the same for everyone that summer is hot.

Sweat certainly comes out, too.

But that doesn't mean it doesn't dry out.

Don't you think that there are a lot of things that suppress sebum and texture anyway that are recommended for the base makeup of summer?

Therefore, we will introduce the base and foundation for those who are looking for base makeup items that emphasize moisturizing power even in summer.

It is also recommended for those who spend a long time indoors and are concerned about drying by air conditioning.

Groundwork Division


|Skin moisture base 1,540 yen

This is a beauty serum ingredient of 87%.

It is a base that can be used in the sense like an extension of skin care with plenty of luoding, a feeling of adhesion.

It seems to come true by the tone up with the texture like the milky lotion.

You may be able to experience a feeling of happy mochi for dry skin.


|UV Expere Tone Up Rose 6,380 yen

This base protects the bare skin with its own UV filter.

Even if you do not bother to apply sunscreen before makeup, UV protection and groundwork that is indispensable in summer is completed with this one ◎

It is a slightly pink color when I put it out, but it is actually an ideal pink color chosen by a Japanese woman from this 64 colors.

It adds a natural blood color feeling, and it might become a face with a sense of transparency.


Filadelm Moisture Cream 3,520 yen

This is a moisturizing cream and base for dry skin and ultra-dry skin.

Moisturizing ingredients derived from plants such as aloe vera moisturize the skin, and ingredients such as shea butter protect the skin from dryness.

Because it is also a moisturizing cream, it is recommended not only to use it as a base cream before makeup as well as daily skin care, but when you use it as a base, please finish the foundation thinly.

I'm sure you'll keep your skin in a glossy state for a long time.

Foundation Division


|UV Liquid Foundation 935 yen

While keeping the moisture of the skin by containing moisturizing ingredients, it is attractive that it is hard to collapse makeup because it is hard to sweat.

Moreover, because the groundwork and powder are not necessary, it is also a short item in a busy morning ◎

Because it can be stretched thinly and uniformly with a light wearing comfort, it finishes naturally while there is a cover power.

I am glad to get a wonderful finish for less than 1000 yen.

Because it is a five-color development, please try to find the one that matches your skin color.


The Liquid Foundation 5,500 yen

This is a liquid foundation that gives you a skin that emits light from the inside. It's not just about protecting the skin from dryness, it's about taking in moisture in the air.

It is recommended for those who want to have fresh skin.

In addition, it contains skin fusion powder that achieves both cover power and bare skin feeling.

The fresh green floral fragrance that you can feel the feeling of relaxation and gorgeousness at the same time seems to relieve the heat of summer.


Intensive Skin Serum Foundation 7,590 yen

This is a "beauty serum foundation" that leads to skin full of firmness and luster. Because it has a beautiful finish like bare skin, it seems to make the skin look as if it is a beautiful person from the beginning.

If you look at the swatch, you can see the gloss feeling well.

In fact, Cospa might be good because it seems that it is taking only a small amount to use it well at a time.

It is also characterized by a rich 17 colors and color expansion, and a shade finder that allows you to try the color of the foundation on your smartphone is recommended.

Did you come up with the item you wanted?

It seems to be able to make it without worrying about drying this summer by this summer.

Have a fun summer.