Soothing mask sensitive muscles to help reduce redness

Nov 18 - 2021

Soothing mask sensitive muscles to help reduce redness

  In the sweltering summer, it is still necessary to wear a mask to prevent the infection of new coronary pneumonia (COVID-19), which causes the skin on the face to be impermeable to the wind all day. The imbalance of the water and oil in the skin makes the skin condition sensitive and irritating, and the face is more likely to come out Oil, acne pimples and itchy redness.

  In order to relieve the troubles caused by mask muscles, it may be necessary to focus on maintaining the balance of skin water and oil, moisturizing the skin to strengthen the skin barrier, and reducing the appearance of various types of skin problems.

  Long wearing masks are common "swelling acne phenomenon": hot and humid inside the mask   damaged water barrier

  The epidemic situation requires long-wearing masks, which leads to the "swelling acne phenomenon". Generally, girls also think that the skin covered by masks is not clean enough, which leads to the development of acne pimples, which will become mask muscles over time. But in fact, when the mask was put on, the air exhaled from the nasal cavity failed to evaporate in time, which caused the skin surface to be warmer and humid, the stratum corneum swelled, and the water-blocking barrier function in the skin was also damaged, so when the skin was dry But when I over-clean, I ignore the importance of hydration. No wonder my mask muscles seem to be getting worse.

  In order to relieve the problem of mask muscles, the author found a simple method is to use facial moisturizing spray to replenish the skin with enough moisture anytime and anywhere. It is light and small, and it is a rare multi-purpose gadget that moisturizes and Make up is also possible.

  The packaging of the moisturizing spray is elegant and feels a bit like a French garden. The most memorable thing for the author is that the moisturizing spray sprays out with a slight atomization feeling, and does not stay too much water on the face but achieves a moisturizing effect, that is, after use There is no uncomfortable wetness immediately after wearing the mask. The most important thing is to feel that the skin is full of moisture after use.

  However, I am most attracted to the scent of rose fragrance, which is added to the moisturizing spray by deliberately adding rose water with soothing and refreshing ingredients, hyaluronic acid with moisturizing effect and natural and rich vitamin seed extract. In addition to moisturizing, it also helps to resist stress anxiety, and at the same time it can soothe the "mask muscle" caused by wearing a mask, which has a slight redness reduction effect.