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How to take care of a Tudor watch movement?

Nov 06 - 2023

How to take care of a Tudor watch movement?

As one of the most popular models in the Blue Bay series, Tudor BlackBayBronze has become a unique presence in the watchmaking world with its vintage and classic design and unique temperament.In 2016, the Bayside Bronze Small Hands won the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix, which inherits the essence of the design of dive watches, and every detail is intriguing. Next, let's take a look at this Tudor Biyan Bronze. The antique bronze case with lime gradient dial is full of vintage charm.

Tudor Bronze Watch Small Bronze Shield Appreciation

The central feature of this watch would be the case made of bronze material,TUDOR Royal M28500-0006 which recreates the aesthetics of diving equipment, such as ancient ships, in brass. For the bronze material, some people love the traces it has left in the years, while others love the unique visual effect it brings, fascinating and unique.

The watch has a bronze case with a diameter of 43 millimeters, which has been brushed to oxidize the special bronze material, giving it a unique color variation. The case is paired with a rotating bezel, an age-old combination that showcases the aesthetics of this watch.

The crown features an unprotected working mechanism that allows for a straightforward perforated design, and is engraved with the brand's culturally classic rose logo, reminiscent of the classic pedagogical design of the first generation of Tudor diver's watches.

Watch appearance is clean and simple, stone gray dial novelty, dial color presents from the outer edge to the center of the gradient effect, showing personality and uniqueness. Gold accented hands, sentence readers and bronze case echoes with unique snow-rimmed angled hands add a vintage charm to the watch.

The watch comes with an antique slate gray belt that matches the overall style of the watch and highlights the gentleman's style and vitality. The watch is also available with a lime fabric jacquard strap. The lime fabric jacquard strap is inspired by early diving straps and is made of elasticized fabric.

The movement is equipped with the DSM of the original MT5601 movement,TUDOR Black Bay Chrono M79360N-0002 which is skillfully constructed. The sides of the inertial fine-tuning balance wheel are fixed to a solid horizontal plate, and the movement is fitted with a thin, non-magnetic silicon disk. Certified by the COSC (Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute), this movement is reliable, robust and has a 70-hour power reserve.

TUDOR has always moved forward and evolved on the path of watchmaking. This little bronze shield has been a favorite among watch brothers since its introduction, and many of them have put it in their pockets. The classic design blends with modern aesthetic trends, and the vintage style highlights the brand's unique aesthetic design, making the Tudor Bronze Shield highly sought after.

Tudor watch movement how to maintain

1, watch movement introduction

As we all know, the watch movement of the watch is divided into the following two different types: self-designed and produced watch movement and unified movement. Most high-end product brands such as Patek Philippe, Piaget, Breguet, Rolex, etc. are able to carry out the production of their own watch movement. This is a testament to the strength of the watch... However, many companies brand development still do not use the unified core, because it requires us too much time and cost management to become a student a watch movement with self-realized production, not everyone can afford.

2, watch movement maintenance

Watch movement maintenance is a multi-step task that requires a great deal of patience to complete the disassembly, cleaning and assembly of the watch's internal movement. It is a very tedious task. Thoroughly clean all parts of the oil to ensure that each part is in good condition so that the watch is stable and the parts are in good working condition.

It is best to wind the watch at a fixed time every day and not too tightly.TUDOR Royal M28503-0008 Otherwise the spring can easily get stuck by the oil in the barrel. When the spring is relaxed, it is easy to break due to excessive elasticity.

The watch should be cleaned regularly. Don't put the watch with mothballs in the closet to avoid seeing the oil deteriorate.

Do not open the back cover of the watch frequently, so as to avoid dust entering the movement and affecting the normal work of the watch.

Press the button, can not be too much force, so as to avoid the occurrence of the enterprise to carry out failure.

Quartz watch battery should be disassembled in time to avoid corrosive movement.

3, watch movement washing oil maintenance

If the watch is used for a long time, the grease in the watch movement will dry up, and it is easy to form sticky grease, affecting the work of the whole watch movement. At this time, we need to "clean" the watch. Washing oil is a hard work, we can leave it to the professional maintenance master to deal with. First of all, the watch movement parts will be disassembled, with a special cleaning fluid to clean the running oil. After drying, special surface oil is added to the surface oil and the original assembly is re-completed. After repeated testing and debugging, the function of the watch is guaranteed to be consistent with the previous function.