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Mar 20 - 2024

Y&3 32-oz Pink-Red, 24-oz Leakproof Flip-Top Sports Water Bottle with Time Marker, BPA-Free Tritan Plastic, Perfect for the Gym, Outdoors, and Office Use

Price: $7.49

BIG CAPABILITY AND MARKS This 32-ounce big kettle has segmented capacity markings on the bottle so you can see exactly how much water you've consumed.

It works great for outdoor or gym use.

【POTENTIAL TIME SCALE】 This water bottle features motivational quotes and time markers to help you remember to drink water every day and to get more excited when you work out.

Hand-Strap and leak-proof design Because it has a hand strap, the sports bottle is simple to carry.

You won't have to worry about water spilling out thanks to the flip-top cap's leak-proof design.

【SAFE NON-TOXIC MATERIAL】 The water cap is composed of a premium, reusable tritan co-polyester polymer.

The non-toxic, BPA-free water bottle poses no health risks.

【CUSTOMER SERVICE】 Reach out to us with any queries or issues with our product.

Our goal is to provide a satisfactory answer as quickly as we can.

8 ¼ Rules for Resilience: How to Handle Unpredictability in the World – Paperback –

Price: $9.99
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Imagine being able to overcome the most difficult times in life.

Picture yourself facing your next setback with confidence, knowing that you have what it takes to overcome it.

Jackson Sherry was certain that his strength and persistence were the pinnacle of resiliency because he was a biker, mountaineer, marathon runner, and US Navy submarine.

The real test came after a near-death incident that left him bedridden for five months and paralyzed from the collar bones down.

Jackson completely rebuilt his life with hard work, trial & error, and determination.

Jackson has conquered unfathomable obstacles, from drawing his first breath without assistance to finishing two triathlons with just his arms.

You will discover in this book:The little measures you can take that will have a greater impact than large onesWhen it's hazardous to be resilient (and when to take that risk!

)How impromptu people may strengthen your resolveWhy blaming others might make you go fartherThe Buddhist method for overcoming adversityTips for anticipating the worstThe easy steps to kickstart your recoveryWhere to look in your story for strengthAn extra hint for producing inspiration out of thin airWe all possess the fortitude to face ANY challenge!

To begin your path toward resilience, click BUY NOW at the top of this page!

Living Canvas: The Complete Guide to Body Modification, Piercings, and Tattoos Kindle Edition

Price: $11.99

body art.

Why do we occasionally give our next Saturday night outfit or hairstyle more care given their permanence?

Karen L.

Hudson has spoken with far too many people who regret getting tattoos as a tattoo specialist and writer for About.


After dealing with inquiries and worries over the health of tattoos for years, she saw the need for a book that would address every aspect of body art, from selecting an artist to planning and arranging for your new piercing or tattoo.

Whether you're considering getting your first or fifth tattoo, making plans for your next body modification, or looking back on a bad experience, Living Canvas is a great resource for body art fans.

Making one's body into a living painting is a serious endeavor, and Hudson addresses many of the issues that far too many people ignore.

Living Canvas is instructive, preventative, and enlightening; it encourages readers to choose body art wisely and safely.

April 23, 2013: Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover, Illustrated Paperback

Price: $18.60

Based on her best-selling DVD, this extensive workout routine with yoga at its core features celebrity fitness instructor Mandy Ingber's health and fitness advice.

Aniston, Jennifer.

Rebecca Beckinsale.

Helena Hunt.

Brooke Defenses.

Apart from their notoriety, these actors have another thing in common: Mandy Ingber, a celebrity yoga instructor and fitness specialist, is responsible for their stunning shapes.

One of the most sought-after fitness and wellness consultants in Los Angeles, Ingber, provides readers with a special 28-day regimen in Yogalosophy® that will help them become better physically and psychologically.

This manual offers an approachable regimen of tried-and-true exercises and dietary recommendations that are intended to tone and strengthen the complete body, both inside and out, building on the ideas presented in Ingber's well-liked Yogalosophy® DVD.

Each chapter has recipes and in-depth body-sculpting routines that incorporate a variety of other effective exercises with yoga poses.

Ingber also shares insightful commentary and provocative anecdotes to help readers adopt a healthier, more positive outlook on life.

Yogalosophy®, brimming with girlfriend-like knowledge, is a workable, adaptable daily regimen that will assist readers in transforming their bodies, brains, and lives.

The Useful Knots Book: How to Tie the 25+ Most Useful Rope Knots (Evacuation, Survival, and Escape) – August 7, 2019 – Paperback

Price: $7.96

Find the Only Knots You'll Ever Require!

A straightforward guide to tying the 25+ most useful rope knots is The Useful Knots Book.

It has simple-to-follow directions, illustrations, and advice on when to apply each knot for maximum effect.

Discover how to tie knots for yourself now; it's simple, enjoyable, and practical.

Acquire it right now.

The Complete Knots HandbookDefinitions of terminology used in common ropes and knotsSimple instructions with lucid imagesSome advice for maintaining ropes properlyHelp on how to select the appropriate knot for the taskEach and every basic boy scout knotRecognize the Five Main Knot Types and Their Appropriate UseKnots for StoppersBendsHitchesLoopsChain LashingThis comprehensive visual reference on knot tying will teach you all the knots you need to know.

From simple knots to more complex onesClimbing knotsdifferent bowline knotsKnots for fishingknots for boatingSurvival knots, plus more.

Just for a Short Period of Time...Upon purchasing a copy of The Useful Knots Book, you will additionally be entitled to:The latest releases of free science fiction nonfiction booksSpecial savings opportunitiesChapter samples that can be downloadedExtra content plus much more!

Discover how to tie the only knots you'll ever need—this book contains the 25 most useful knots available.

Acquire it right now.

Backyard Medicine Updated & Expanded Second Edition: Harvest and Make Your Own Herbal Remedies Paperback –

Price: $14.99

An Updated and Expanded New Edition of Backyard Medicine!

  Modern medicine is truly a blessing.

Advances are made with astonishing speed every day, using both science and technology to make our lives longer and healthier.

But if the era of modern medicine began less than two hundred years ago, how did people treat sickness and poor health before then?

This book holds the answer.

  Researched and written by a practicing medical herbalist and natural healer, and now with even more herbs and medicinal plants, Backyard Medicine is the basis for a veritable natural pharmacy that anyone can create.

Featuring more than 120 easily made herbal home remedies and fully illustrated with nearly three hundred color photographs, this book offers fascinating insights into the literary, historic, and global applications of fifty common wild plants and herbs that can be used in medicines, including:                       ComfreyDandelionHoneysuckleYarrowAnd so much more!

Anyone who wants to improve his or her health in a completely natural way will find this book to be an absolute must-have for his or her home—and garden.

2 Pack Silent Non-Ticking Battery Operated Shower Timer, Digital Timer with Waterproof Bag, Small Size Kitchen Timer with Magnet and Back Stand (White+Blue)

Price: $6.99

【Waterproof Timer】Waterproof timer includes digital timer, waterproof bag, charming hook and AAA battery.

With this waterproof bag, you may use the digital timer in bathroom or other moist places.

【How to Use】Firstly put the digital timer in the waterproof bag, press the seal to make sure it is fully closed, install it in the bathroom with the lovely hook.

【Simple Operation】Press”M” to set minutes, press” S” to set seconds, Press “M” and hold it can rapidly set minutes, press”S” and hold it can quickly set seconds, press”M” and “S” at the same time is to clear.

【Count Up/Down Timer】Not just for count down, but also a count up timer.

Counting down from 1 seconds to 99 minutes 59 seconds, or as a stopwatch counting up from 1 seconds to 99 minutes 59 seconds, makes it a wonderful timer for housewives, kids, teachers and students.

【Wide Application】The digital timer comes with magnet and rear stand, you can not only use it in bathroom, but also use for studying, exercising, cooking and outdoors.

You're a Failure, Get Over It: The Art of Succeeding and Achieving by Choosing to Fail Kindle Version

Price: $0.99

In a way, Stephen Seal's theory of success is counterintuitive: greater failure leads to greater success.

From a different angle, You're a Failure, Get Over It!

tackles the subject, urging us to embrace our mistakes and look for more opportunities to fail.

By doing this, we are able to let go of the heavy guilt that society has ingrained in us and focus on the things that truly matter to us.

Seal encourages us to intentionally and persistently fail with pride, relieving us of the pressure to succeed in every endeavor.

For anyone feeling depressed by society's unattainable ideal that everyone should be attractive, wealthy, well-known, and powerful, You're a Failure, Get Over It!

is a breath of fresh air.

This book challenges the reader to reflect on the one thing that matters most and will never change.

It also encourages the reader to think things through carefully and determine for themselves what success looks like and how to achieve it.

Anyone who want to attain real, genuine achievement will find great value in the useful tools and methods Seal promotes.

This book will assist you in achieving what is truly important and letting go of what is not, regardless of your profession—banker, project manager, business owner, mother, or just regular guy on the street.

Creating Snacks, Meals, and Crafts with Food Drying with an Attitude: A Fun and Fabulous Guide Kindle Version

Price: $10.99

Discover an incredible universe of nutritious and delectable dried foods, beyond only jerky and dried apricots!

Vegetarians, lovers of natural and raw foods, hunters, fisherman, gourmet cooks, gardeners, and hikers can all find something to enjoy in this ultimate food drying resource.

The delicious fruit roll-ups are sure to please kids.

How simple it is to preserve fruits, vegetables, and herbs without the use of chemicals or preservatives will amaze everyone.

Making food for dogs, cats, and birds will bring joy to animal lovers.

Expert food drier Mary T.

Bell, with over thirty years of experience, provides clear, doable directions for drying a wide range of foods, including bananas, jerky, and mushrooms, as well as apples and zucchini.

Additionally, creative and delectable recipes for baking and cooking using dried foods are provided for readers.

Readers may maximize their home food dehydrators by using the recipes, guidelines, and inspiration included in Food Drying with an Attitude.

Deliver This: Choose the Birth Option That's Right for You, Regardless of What Others May Think January 1, 2007 - Paperback

A woman's choice on the type of birthing experience she desires is fundamental to her identity, politics, and character.

if it should come as no surprise, women who choose a different path often face harsh criticism from other mothers, even if today's moms and soon-to-be mothers are more knowledgeable than ever about their alternatives.

It is said of women who choose home births that they are careless.

But what happens in an emergency?

Are women who choose elective C-sections viewed as self-centered when they have to make an appointment to give birth since their lives are so busy?

A comprehensive summary of today's possibilities is given in Deliver This!

, including home delivery, birthing centers, hospital vaginal births (with or without anesthesia), and elective and medically necessary C-sections.

In her effort to understand why women make alternative choices and why they feel so strongly protective about them, author Marisa Cohen—who gave birth to both of her daughters in a state-of-the-art hospital—is engrossing and inquisitive.

Cohen listened to the arguments amongst more than a hundred women in interviews on the ideal childbirth experience and investigated innovative approaches that reconcile seemingly incompatible objectives.

Deliver This!

is witty, charming, and friendly; it's a great resource for first-time mothers as well as those expecting their second or third kid.

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