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How to give the baby to choose their own safe and comfortable children's dining chair?

Mar 01 - 2022

How to give the baby to choose their own safe and comfortable children's dining chair?

1. Wide base, stable center of gravity, not easy to fall over;

2. Seat belt buckle we are firm, not easy to carry loose;

3. Smooth surface, the edges are not sharp;

4. The depth of the seat suitable for their baby can use.

According to the material, Best Baby High Chair function, convenience and price, a comprehensive comparison.

Most of the child seats are made of plastic and wood. Plastic chairs are lightweight, easy to move and clean; wooden chairs have good texture and stable bottom.

Function, there is a single function of the dining chair, there is also a collection of carts, cribs and other functions of multifunctional dining chair.

Convenient, there is a traditional one-piece dining chair, but also a new removable folding dining chair.

Choose a convenient cleaning of the dining chair, the baby will often eat the food everywhere; choose the dining chair of the regular corporate brand.

When the baby is sitting on the dining chair, the baby must wear the seat belt and belt buckle to prevent the baby from sliding in the space of the seat belt;

Baby sitting in a child's dining chair, there must be a family member on the side of supervision to prevent accidents;

Do not allow the baby to stand on the chair to play and prevent the baby from losing focus and falling;

Do not place the child's dining chair close to the table to prevent Chinese babies from pushing themselves with their hands or stomping on the table, causing the dining chair to tip over.

Even if the baby is well positioned, you can not rely entirely on these built-in safety measures. Be sure to pay close attention when he is sitting in the chair.