3 types of online payment gateways, which can be offered in three ways.

May 05 - 2022

3 types of online payment gateways, which can be offered in three ways.

Redirected Gateway

Redirected gateways are usually the most convenient and cost effective for sellers.

When a buyer adds some items to the shopping payment gateway for ecommerce cart and decides to complete the purchase, he is taken to a separate site where the customer can authorize the purchase of the items. The customer can authorize payment credits for the products to be purchased on that site.

While this is convenient for you as the seller, you do not have complete control over the payment process. In addition, some customers do not like to process their own payments. Gateway redirects may also result in lost sales.

Offsite payment processing

Customers checkout from lazada/shopee or leasing portal e-commerce sites and pay via counter or e-purse.

With offsite payment processing, there is no need to process payments onsite. Also, you don't have to worry about customers paying themselves. One downside is that by using an off-site payment gateway, you give up some control over the payment process.

If something goes wrong, you could be blamed for something you can't control.

On-site payment gateways

Although we are a bit expensive and development requires you to handle all of these things for your business, it is still recommended that you use an on-site payment gateway.

You will have complete control over every step of the payment process. You won't need to rely on other services to provide a great customer experience. However, you will be the one to handle every problem you encounter and it is important to have the skills and personnel to be accountable.

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