Nb-iot has three distinctive features, come to understand the role of IoT

Jun 08 - 2022

Nb-iot has three distinctive features, come to understand the role of IoT

With the rise of 5g, iot has a depth, and the transmission between people has become faster and more reliable.

However, the development of the network industry is not limited to the communication between people, lte iot module but also the communication between things. Only by realizing the communication between things, people and things can we drive the infinite growth of the industry.

Although 5G has the characteristics of high speed and large capacity, there are also problems such as small coverage area and high price. Once 5G base stations are built on a large scale, the cost will increase linearly.

From this point of view, 5G and equipment interconnection is not reliable. In the Internet of Things industry, data transmission volume, signal coverage area and other issues are the costs that operators must consider.

Nb-iot has three significant features:

1, low power consumption: it is understood that some NB-IoT terminals, can be realized by the enterprise standby 10 years, and this highlight is used rate as well as a price;

2. High coverage: Based on the 20dB gain, NB-IoT can not only cover a range of nearly 20km (open area), but also its signal can penetrate some buildings;

3. Capacity: Same as 5G, 50,000 terminals can be connected in one base station at the same time.

Currently, Nb-iot technology has been applied to smart parking, smart firefighting, smart water, smart street lighting, shared bicycle, smart home appliances, smart surveillance and many other fields.