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giving HR service project feeling for workers

Jun 11 - 2022

giving HR service project feeling for workers

In the control of the company, iot lpwa it often happens that HR has to deal with the work of employees' going out, taking leave and checking salary, which is fine when the work is idle, but when HR is busy with its own work, for example, in the case of statistical analysis of attendance management data information or salary clearing, it is very easy to cause some upset mentality when the employees are disturbed. And in response to the disturbed HR, the workers are also easy to cause not so good emotion, which directly affects the daily work.

This seems to be just a employee self service trivial matter, but in fact, it cannot be ignored. It is important to understand that a company is made up of people, a combination of people, and when such negative emotions emanate from this combination, it will be more harmful to the daily operation and management of the company. This is why the Employee Performance Management Self-Service Terminal was introduced.

The employee performance bitmain antminer s19 pro amazon management self-service terminal has passed through a difficult road since its introduction. At that time, the cost of employee performance management self-service terminal was very high, and the scope of application was rather limited; another drawback was that the system software operated on the internal structure mainframe, so to apply the employee performance management self-service terminal, it was necessary to be on the enterprise premises, unless it was granted with remote control access restrictions. So is there a stronger service platform for employee performance management self-service terminals?

Why not take a look at the employee self-service intelligent solution. The employee self-service terminal with full participation is a development trend that becomes more and more fashionable in modern enterprise management, and allows employees to solve affairs management related to themselves according to the network or smart machine terminal, such as vacation, going out, students' independent study, participating in evaluation, checking payroll, etc. This kind of affairs management that used to be clearly proposed in written form or consulting service and finally carried out by HR staff. simplify to the Internet cloud space.

With the self-help intelligent solution for workers, workers, parallel line supervisors and management can enjoy HR self-service terminal according to PC terminal or intelligent cell phone terminal; meanwhile, they can submit HR steps such as leave, attendance, going out, overtime and overtime, making up, transferring and grading, stimulating and resigning; they can view information contents such as personnel file, payroll, attendance record and evaluation result online; they can apply for issuing online work certificate, personal income certificate, separation certificate, etc.; can carry out online course training study training and online application for examinations.
And according to that, the managers can view the information content such as file information, attendance rate and performance assessment of the elite team under them online, audit HR steps online, issue performance indicators online, and its carry out online assessment and other management aspects.

Employees are part of the company, to develop the company well, it is necessary to strengthen the cohesion of the company's staff team, to give employees a more warm feeling, employees will take the company as a home, will be more dedicated to serve the enterprise.

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