3d prototyping should pay attention to what attention, three matters content to know

Jun 16 - 2022

3d prototyping should pay attention to what attention, three matters content to know

Today's 3d prototyping technology content is getting higher and higher, it is widely used in the construction industry, real estate industry, in order to be able to understand the objective degree of the production program in advance, but also as early as possible to understand the actual effect of a program, so many people will use to 3d prototype, the production of 3d prototyping has a very high reference value, and in the whole production process when it does have A lot of things to note.

3d prototyping note one: scaled down

If a specific production plan has been developed, then we have to start from the proportion, although the size of a building material has been determined, but can not predict in advance whether the plan is reasonable, so in this case, most people will build the model, in the construction of the model will certainly be scaled down in accordance with the corresponding proportion, so that we can be from the principle of mechanics, aesthetics, proportion In this way, we can make judgments from the principles of mechanics, aesthetics, proportion and other aspects, so that the prototype made to have more reference value.

3d prototyping note two: the proportion of the grasp

Although all prototypes are scaled down according to the corresponding proportion, but the proportion of the reduction should be strictly controlled, you can use the computer to draw the pattern in advance, and then make a judgment on the overall size, if the size is found to be too small, it may affect the presentation of details, if the size is too large, it will look very clumsy, lack of refinement.

3d prototyping note three: cost control

In the prototype design, the staff will generally carry out cost control, not the lower the cost the better, if the quality is sacrificed, or even let the overall quality of the problem, then the production is certainly not reasonable.

3d prototyping attention or more, the entire prototyping process should be entrusted to the professional team, and by the professional staff is fully responsible for, only in this way can do more professional, so that the finished product more in line with the requirements.