The role of CNC lathe application technology in the industry

Sep 23 - 2022

Very good tolerance.

What are the advantages of turning?

Advantages of the turning process:rapid prototypes llc

All materials are compatible.

Very good tolerance.

Short lead time.

No high skilled operator required.

The material removal rate is flexible.

What is the necessary condition for turning?

A) material of work piece should be harder than the cutting tool. B) cutting tool should becnc turning service harder than the material of work piece. C) hardness of the cutting tool and material of of piece should be same.

What is hard turning process?

Hard turning typically refers to a lathe or turning center using single-point turning tools to process materials with hardness values over 45 HRc, typically in the 58-68 HRc range. With single-point cutting and turning, the process can produce grooves and contours, even high precision threading, in a single chucking.

What is the difference between turning and facing?

In the turning operation, the tool generally reduces the diameter of the cylindrical workpiece, which X Rapid Technologies Limitedcan be done by cutting into the part for some depth and move the tool parallel to the axis of the part. While facing operation reduces the length of the piece, the tool is moved perpendicular to the axis of the part.


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What are centers for CNC turning?

Advanced computer numerically controlled machines include CNC turning centers. Along with a wide range of cutting abilities, such as milling, drilling, tapping, and obviously turning, they can have 3, 4, or even 5 axes.