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Seven tips to teach you how to choose balcony curtains

Sep 06 - 2023


Buying balcony curtains is important. You can get a beautiful view from your balcony windows. Being covered by curtains also allows the cozy and quiet feeling to stay inside. How to choose balcony curtains?

What kind of curtains are suitable for balcony curtains?

Balcony curtain material first fabric design curtains. Balcony curtains not only protect from sunlight, rain, acid and alkali, but also absorb noise; flame retardant; UV protection; heat insulation. So in the choice of curtains, many families choose curtains and gauze curtains. Cloth curtains have a good sun-shading effect, while gauze curtains have a good transparency. If these two kinds of curtains are connected together, they can meet the needs of different customers. Some other families will choose thick cloth velvet curtains, which have a good noise reduction effect and are suitable for some families living on lower floors. Some residents will also consider factors such as ultraviolet rays, in the choice of curtains will be appropriate to choose some green, yellow and other curtains.

Secondly, balcony Roman Shade Curtain can also choose to make curtains. Blinds are made of many thin sheets. They are not only used for ventilation, sunshade and sound insulation. Because blinds are usually coated with an anti-radiation layer on one side of the curtains, they can reduce sunlight in summer and lower the indoor temperature, and in winter, they can prevent indoor heat from being dissipated to the outside and play a good role in temperature regulation.

How to buy balcony curtains?

1. Balcony curtains should pay attention to light-blocking heat insulation:

Generally speaking, the light of the balcony is better, so when choosing balcony curtains, you must choose curtains with good shading and heat insulation, so that the balcony will not feel stuffy. Fiber plant curtains, fluffy curtains and so on are curtains with good shading effect, which are very suitable for installation on the balcony of the home, and the balcony can bring more comfortable temperature.

2. Balcony curtains and the style of the living room should be coordinated:The choice of curtains should first match the interior style. Modern design can choose plain curtains, elegant design can choose light-colored curtains, rustic style can choose small curtains, luxury design can choose plain or large curtains.

3. Balcony curtains selected color should be corresponding to the interior color, similar or complementary colors are feasible. Balcony curtains are mainly to create elegant, spacious, bright space style, so it is recommended to choose the balcony curtains in the middle tone.

4. Size selection of balcony curtains:Curtains installed on the balcony, mainly to block the strong outdoor sunlight, to protect privacy from being leaked. So, if you install floor-to-ceiling windows on the balcony, choose special floor-to-ceiling windows. If the window is small, then when choosing curtains, the size of the window should be slightly larger than the window.

5. Balcony curtain pattern and texture selection: If a balcony window is short and small, try to choose the curtain pattern themselves do not we choose horizontally different patterns or floral patterns. It is best to install the presence of some vertical scattered patterns. Do not because the choice is that kind of large pattern curtains, so that the curtains will appear to be narrower windows. Curtains on the pattern to choose the right, do not use oblique, otherwise it may cause the visual tilt of the window.

6. Balcony curtain material selection: According to the style, we need to choose the curtain material. Curtains are made of many materials, including transparent or semi-transparent thin cloth, as well as medium-thick opaque and smooth cloth. However, the curtains for balcony are mainly for blocking the strong sunlight and protecting the privacy from being leaked. Therefore, balcony curtains can be made of lightweight or cotton and linen so that the light of the balcony will not be sealed, but also block ultraviolet radiation.

7. Balcony curtain style selection: small balcony curtains are suitable for simplicity, large balconies are suitable for generous, elegant, sophisticated style. Large glass balconies can be used to pull with machine window bars or Roman curtains. Convex bay windows can be made up of multiple curtains which are made up of separate sets of cords.