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Comparison of UK and Hong Kong Australian Graduate Work Visa, which is easier to stay

Sep 07 - 2023

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Some students don't want to return to their home country for employment after studying abroad, but rather stay and work there, or at least gain some work experience there before returning home.

So where is the friendliest place for graduates? The policies of the UK, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand are summarized. Let's take a look working visa extension hong kong.


Those who want to stay and work in British society after graduating from university education can do so by applying for a PSW (Post-Study Work) visa. Students with PSW visas, whether for undergraduate, masters or PhD, can work in the UK for two years after graduation.

During the two years after graduation, PSW visa holders are not restricted from working in the UK and do not even have to find a job, but only have to prove their willingness to work in the UK.

Students are free to explore the job market and gain experience in the workplace, and if they meet the requirements, they can transition from a PSW visa to a skilled work visa and continue to work and stay in the UK.

PSW visas in the UK need to be applied for within 4 months of graduation, and applicants are required to pay a visa fee and an annual Immigration Health Surcharge.


Australia also has a PSW visa, which was introduced at the end of 2013. The visa does not restrict the type of course taken or occupation, which means that students in any field can apply.

Graduates of one Bachelor's and taught Master's professional degree are granted a two-year visa, research universities are granted a three-year visa for a Master's degree or higher, and Doctoral Use Degree (DUD) students are granted a four-year visa for graduation.

Applicants must have completed two years of Australian study (cricos 92 weeks, not less than 16 months) and have an overall IELTS score of 6.

PSW visas for Australia need to be applied for within 6 months prior to graduation and applicants need to pay the visa fee.

Hong Kong, China

Non-local graduates who are pursuing full-time studies at bachelor degree level and above in Hong Kong will be issued a one-year visa, i.e. Non-local Graduate Visa for Staying in Hong Kong / Returning to Hong Kong for Employment Arrangement, upon graduation. Applications for this visa need to be submitted within six months of graduation.

This visa allows Mainland students studying in Hong Kong to stay in Hong Kong unconditionally for the first year. During this year, you can hold a valid IANG visa and work in Hong Kong without any restriction. You can stay in the Mainland or travel to and from Hong Kong as you wish, and you do not need to apply to the Immigration Department for changing jobs.