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Laser marking machine the more you use the slower it is how?

Oct 19 - 2023

equipment itself

We all know that production-oriented enterprises pay special attention to efficiency, so most factories will use the assembly line production, in order to improve processing efficiency. And the assembly line supporting the laser marking machine,handheld laser marking machine after a long time of use, may feel the marking speed is getting slower and slower. So, what is the reason why the laser marking machine slower and slower? Next, the first moment of intelligence will answer this question for you. Generally speaking, the main reasons affecting the speed of the laser marking machine are as follows:

1, the equipment itself

It is important to understand that the speed of the laser marking machine is affected by the laser frequency, laser spot pattern and beam divergence angle, laser power and other factors. Therefore, when purchasing a laser marking machine, we should ask the laser marking machine manufacturers about the configuration and choose according to the requirements of the workpiece, do not just pursue the cheap price;

2, spot size

The density of the marking character will also have an impact on the speed. If the marking area is the same, the marking depth is the same, but the higher the density of marking, the slower the marking speed. Because the marking of the character density is equivalent to a direct increase in the area to be marked;

3, marking width

The larger the area, the slower the marking speed. For example, large format marking speed than the small format marking speed is slower, because large format marking when the deflection area of the galvanometer will increase;

4, marking depth

If we carry out depth marking and adjust the parameters, due to increase the power of the marking machine, current and other parameters, will also affect the marking speed.

In addition to the above reasons, there are other factors that may cause the laser marking machine to slow down.little pecker laser engraver For example, temperature and humidity changes in the working environment, pollution or aging of optical components may have an impact on the speed of the laser marking machine. Therefore, when using the laser marking machine, we need to pay attention to the following points:

1, regular cleaning and maintenance: keep the optical components of the laser marking machine clean, avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt to maintain good optical performance. At the same time, regularly check and replace the aging optical components to ensure their normal operation.

2, environmental control: try to place the laser marking machine in a stable temperature and humidity environment, to avoid the impact of temperature and humidity changes on the equipment.

3, the rational use of parameters: according to the actual demand and the characteristics of the workpiece, reasonable setting of laser marking machine parameters, including laser power, scanning speed, etc., in order to achieve the best marking effect and speed.

4, timely maintenance and upgrading: If you find that the speed of the laser marking machine has dropped significantly or other abnormalities, you should promptly contact a professional maintenance personnel for overhaul and repair. At the same time, with the continuous progress of technology, you can consider upgrading to a more advanced laser marking machine to improve productivity and quality.

In short, the slower the laser marking machine is used may be caused by a combination of factors. By understanding these reasons and taking corresponding measures, we can improve the speed and efficiency of the laser marking machine to meet the production needs.