The solution for children's love to talk back is very important for

Nov 17 - 2021

The solution for children's love to talk back is very important for

I believe that parents and friends who have babies at home have experienced the stage of children being talked back, making adults very big heads. Every parent hopes that their children are well-behaved and sensible, but every stage of the growth process is for the children and parents. Valuable experience, you should enjoy this stage, so what should you do when facing a child back talk? Let's follow the 360 ​​common sense network to find out.

What are the advantages of children who love to talk back

1. Children who love to talk back will be very brave

Such a child will not admit defeat, and will not be "fear of things", will respect others, but will not let himself suffer as much as possible. When you are strong, others know that such a person is not easy to bully, but it is easy to cause trouble for yourself. A brave person is a "strong" performance, daring to express his attitude and able to protect himself well. Especially when one's legitimate rights and interests are violated, they can often stand up bravely and say no.

2. Children who love to talk back, articulate

Children who love to talk back know how to express their emotions and dare to speak their own thoughts, especially when they encounter something they don't understand, they can keep asking like "100,000 why". What you say is one set, and it is very logical, especially when you are being blamed, it is easy for parents to say nothing for various reasons.

3. Children who love to talk back, cheerful personality

Children who love to talk back will express what they think and what they think, they will not hide themselves, and will not be wronged alone. Happy things are willing to share, unhappy things are also willing to say, is a person who can afford to let go. Such a person has a cheerful personality and will be respected and trusted by others.

4. Children who love to talk back, are good at thinking

A child who loves to talk back will give out his own ideas when he keeps asking "why". Although many times it is "unconcerned" and "unbounded" ideas, but he dares to imagine. People often say that a good person has his own goals and guidelines, his own ideas and independent opinions. This shows that the child is different from others, which is a bright spot in him.

What to do if the child talks back?

1: Parents control their emotions

When a child does something wrong, pay attention to the method and method when criticizing the child. Don’t talk back to the child. If the parent fails to control his emotions, the child will become more irritable and rebellious. Improper handling methods will not only fail. Good results will be counterproductive and hurt the child’s mind.

rpa solution

rpa solution

Two: calmly deal with

No matter how old the child makes mistakes, the child is a child after all. Education should be the focus. You should be calm, ask the whole story clearly, and then use effective methods to deal with it. Don’t punish the child without asking. Tell the child the truth, let the child know what he did wrong, and convince the child.

Three: try to understand the child deeply

When the child talks back, you should first try to understand why the child behaves like this, and when you understand why the child will understand why the child has such a behavior, thinking about the problem from the child’s perspective can effectively ease the atmosphere of the parent .

4: Parents lead by example

Children are the shadow of their parents. If the parents are impulsive and like to quarrel with others and often conflict with others, then the children will also follow the way of adults. Parents should lead by example and be peaceful and not irritable. The elders are respectful and polite, so the children will become more and more sensible under this influence.

Five: love but do not spoil children

Habitual children are like killing children. Spoiling children will not only fail to educate children, but will lead them to a biased position and make them like to talk back. If the children are disobedient, unreasonable or stubborn, the whole family should not unite the front. Pay attention to him and let him know that no one likes a disobedient child, but when the child is reasoned, he should encourage and praise him more.

Six: Cultivate a good family atmosphere

Cultivate children’s communication and expression skills. As a parent, it is necessary to be democratic. Don’t force the child with a parent’s posture. The home should maintain a warm atmosphere and listen to whoever makes sense. When the child wants to express, he should respect the child. , Give children more respect and support, don't blindly deny them, and actively cultivate their thinking and presentation skills.

Seven: Give the children the rights they deserve

When a child has some behavior, even if the adult thinks it is wrong, the child will still speak the truth as he thinks, even if he knows that the child is sophistry, he should listen to it as much as possible, and then teach the child to point out the deficiency and correct the mistake. . Don't hit the child at the beginning and don't let the child talk. This will stifle the child's power, and the child will have a rebellious mentality and feel disrespected.