What is PPT, what is PDF? What is the difference?

Sep 25 - 2023

What is PPT, what is PDF? What is the difference?

1. What is the difference between PDF and PPT?

PDF is a file format and PPT is a software.

2. What is their relationship?

PowerPoint software (PowerPoint) can generate files in PDF format for exporting and opening.

3. What is PPT?

PPT is PowerPoint electronic through the slideshow software for short, belongs to the office office system software design in one of the three artifacts.

4, Powerpoint software can do?

PPT can be used directly in the production process of our work analysis and summary of the research plan, data reports, market economy and marketing methods to show that the defense of graduation, teaching and management training science and technology, party and government construction-related information, and even job recruitment, etc., is a student family, the office family, and even the boss of the work and life of daily life can not be separated from a piece of software.

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5, that kind of PPT software for better? Is there any difference in function?

There is not much difference in function. In terms of functional modules and software ecosystem, our homemade office software such as Jinshan District Office Software and 360 Office products, the power of the function and the degree of user-friendliness, not inferior to the Microsoft big brand production of Powerpoint, in terms of templates and theme resources, but more advantageous.

6, PDF is what?

Is a file format, used as a document suffix, such as "File.PDF".

PDF is the Portable Document Format (Portable Document Format), meaning "Portable Document Format" (Portable Document Format), but also we are looking at the abbreviation of PDF. You can use merge pdf files i love pdf to carry out some operations on PDF.

7, PDF files are used to do what?

PDF format files, you can support cross-software and cross-platform open preview and editing, especially for the integration of multimedia technology for the publication and distribution of information, especially enterprises to provide support for the release of network accounting information systems, convenient and secure.

8, what software can generate and support PDF documents?

There is a specialized PDF editor for editing PDF files. We commonly used office software, such as word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., you can directly edit the document to generate PDF files.