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The duration of the Hong Kong and Macao Pass and visa validity period

Jun 18 - 2022

The duration of the Hong Kong and Macao Pass and visa validity period

The validity period of the best cloud mining Australia Pass to and from Hong Kong is 5 years. on September 15, 2014, the e-Passport to and from Australia opened on all fronts, and the validity period of the electronic device passport for adults to and from Australia was increased to 10 years, and staff under the age of 16 can still get a reasonable passport visa with a duration of 5 years.

Visa validity period

Domestic households to and from cnc milling prototype Australia, there are six types of visas, each for individual travel (G), visiting friends and relatives (T), business reception (S), group travel (L), other (Q) and hotel accommodation (D). Among them, the duration of Hong Kong G and L is once every three months, twice every three months, once a year and twice a year respectively. Macau brand endorsement is only applicable once every three months and once a year. The visa requires that each stay in Hong Kong or Macau cannot exceed 7 days, and one entry and one exit are measured once.

Expression of visa validity period

Taking once a year as an example, working visa hong kong it does not mean that you only go once a year, instead, the visa is valid for one year, and you can apply for a visa again after coming back and forth to Hong Kong and Macau within one year, and the total number of applications for the visa is unlimited. If you don't go within one year, you can apply for the visa again.


For the first time, it is necessary to submit an application to the entry/exit control office of your household. Filing materials include: identity documents and photocopies (printed on A4 white paper, can be printed on the same sheet of paper), fill out the "Application Form for Entry and Exit Documents for Chinese Citizens" and take two 2-inch light-colored photos (you can also pay for your own on-site photos). At the same time, you can each apply to Hong Kong and Australia for recitation. If you only go to Hong Kong, you will apply for Hong Kong brand endorsement, and if you only go to Australia, you will apply for Australia brand endorsement. If you are going to Hong Kong and Australia, you need to apply for both visas at the same time.

Application processing period

Within 10 working days from the effective date of the hearing (for initial or non-initial applications). However, postal delivery days (usually five days or less) and national holidays are not included.
The "Exit-Entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao" is 80 RMB each; one for recitation, 15 RMB each, and two for recitation, 30 RMB each.

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