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PDF files are generally converted from a variety of document formats, itself is a compressed file

Sep 18 - 2023


How do I compress pdfs as non-destructive as possible?

PDF files are generally converted from a variety of document formats, itself is a compressed file, online pdf converter merge compress if you want to compress smaller, you need to use professional compression tools, in order to achieve high compression rate and not fuzzy effect.

Here are 4 tools that make it easy to compress pdfs!

First, the printer set compression

If a PDFasset reader or a PDFasset virtual printer is installed on your computer, convert merge pdf to single pdf you can adjust the size of the PDF file through the print settings.

1. Open the pdf file that needs to be compressed and click “Print“ in the upper left corner.

2. In the "Print" option, set the printer to "PDFasset". Then click the "Properties" button next to it.

3. Click PDFasset Settings, in default Settings, click max file size, and click OK.

4. Return to the print interface, click "Print ", then save the compressed file, and select the appropriate path to save. word to pdf converter free download offline After the creation is completed, the new file will open automatically.

After testing, the compressed 20 M PDF file is reduced by about half. 2-4M PDF files, the compressed volume can be reduced to 1m- several hundred KB;

Second, the use of professional compression tools

1. Full PDF conversion assistant

This is a special toolkit for PDF processing, with PDF format conversion, PDF editing, PDF Compression, PDF translation and other practical functions, most of the functions related to PDF processing can be found here.

Its PDF compression function supports two compression modes, ordinary compression is suitable for small files, and extreme compression mode is recommended for large files, which can compress files to the maximum extent.

You can add multiple files at the same time. Click start conversion to batch multiple files for greater efficiency.

For files over 20 M, the volume after processing in extreme compression mode is only 2M, and the compression of files within 1-5M is only a few hundred K or even tens of KB.

2.Adobe acrobat DC

This is a PDF reader and editor installed in many people's computers. It is very powerful and easy to operate.

1 open the PDF we want to compress, click on the top left menu bar“File”, click on the drop-down list“Save as other”, and then click on the right menu bar“Reduce the size of the PDF”, you can compress PDF files.

2 the default window for version compatibility is [ retain the current compression ] , or you can choose a more compatible, higher compression rate version, click [ OK ] to complete the PDF file compression.

In tests, 20 megabytes of PDF files were reduced by about half after compression in the highest compatible versions.


Often use WPS to open PDF files, you should know that it comes with a lot of tools in the toolbar, including PDF compression.

There are four compression effects to choose from, each of which corresponds to a different sharpness, and the estimated compression size can be seen in advance. However, this feature is only available to members and can not be used for free.

Above, is all PDF compression methods, I hope to help you.