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Relief from menstrual pain depends on identifying the cause, and relief from menstrual pain in different situations

Sep 18 - 2023

Relief from menstrual pain depends on identifying the cause, and relief from menstrual pain in different situations

Many women who are suffering from menstrual pain are concerned about relief methods, but the prerequisite is to know the cause of our menstrual pain. Because menstrual pain can be divided into physiological and pathological types, it is important to first determine our physical condition and the cause of menstrual pain before choosing a reasonable menstrual pain relief method, and we will now talk about some common causes of menstrual pain and solutions.

Hot compresses and massage for menstrual cramps

The most common relief methods for menstrual pain are hot massage and drinking hot brown sugar water, which are mainly for menstrual pain caused by cold body. If menstrual pain is simply due to physical reasons, often through the massage of hot compresses and drink hot red sugar water and other methods can achieve the role of pain relief, and daily non-menstrual period can also be improved through acupuncture and other methods of physical conditioning.

Professional treatment for endometriosis

The reason why it is important to know the cause of menstrual pain before looking for menstrual pain relief is that many diseases are clinically manifested by menstrual pain, such as endometriosis. If you have endometriosis, not only will you have painful periods, but you will also experience infertility and pain during intercourse, which can only be treated by a doctor.

Adenomyosis can be prevented by the Mannheimer's ring.

There is another type of pathological menstrual pain, which is called adenomyosis. One of the clinical symptoms of adenomyosis is painful menstruation, which can be relieved by placing a menstrual ring. The insertion of the IUD into the uterine cavity can help to relieve menstrual pain and prevent excessive bleeding, but it is often only possible to insert the IUD into a patient who is not of childbearing potential.

Painkillers should be taken before the start of your period.

The above can come up with different ways to relieve menstrual pain for different body types and conditions. Users should first find out whether their menstrual pain is physiological or pathological, and also if they choose to take painkillers to relieve the pain, it is often more effective to take the pills before the onset of the menstrual period or before the pain.