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Hair loss can be automatically cured by baldness or ghost shaving, and hair loss prevention starts from head mite

Feb 15 - 2023

Hair loss can be automatically cured by baldness or ghost shaving, and hair loss prevention starts from head mite

Urban people are deeply troubled by hair loss, and there are many kinds of hair loss, thinning hair, backward hair or Mediterranean Sea are very common phenomenon, some hair loss is relatively special, the hair may be thicker, but the scalp will appear in a certain position of the bald position, this situation is called spot bald, or ghost shaving, because the hair loss is relatively strange, will have a greater impact on the patient's image and psychological This condition is known as alopecia areata, or ghost shaving.

Alopecia areata can also be self-healing

Although alopecia areata can cause a person to lose self-confidence, it has been clinically found that some patients will heal on their own and their hair will grow back within two years. Once the pressure is relieved or disappears, and with a good diet and lifestyle, hair growth can be restored to normal through more exercise and reasonable rest and relaxation. However, baldness or ghost shaving caused by immunity or heredity cannot be cured smoothly, and there is even a chance that hair will return after recovery.

What can be done to prevent baldness?

The best way to prevent baldness is to start with lifestyle habits. For example, a balanced diet can help with nutritional intake, and a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, eggs, milk, fish, meat, nuts and other foods can effectively maintain healthy hair. Adequate sleep and proper relaxation can also prevent baldness. When you are overly anxious and irritable, ghost shaving will appear quietly, making you defenceless, so you should relax properly both at work and in life.

What can be done to prevent baldness

Will head mites cause baldness?

Head mites are another important cause of hair loss because this parasite specializes in feeding on oil and will break down certain substances to block hair follicles, causing the scalp to continue to secrete oil for the head mites to feed on. However, this parasite is not the cause of baldness, because the two forms of hair loss are different. However, for those who want to prevent hair loss, keeping the scalp fresh, frequent sun exposure, and strengthening the resistance of the scalp can effectively kill the head mites and keep your hair thick and dark.

Will head mites cause baldness