construction solution provides one-stop smart solutions for the construction industry

Nov 26 - 2021

construction solution provides one-stop smart solutions for the construction industry

In the past, the construction industry was a relatively traditional industry, and a lot of management needed to be done manually, which was prone to deviations. In addition, the site environment is complex, the work types of site employees are diversified, and the work mode is mainly distributed. If effective innovation is not carried out, it is still difficult to prevent accidents from happening. The construction solution can provide a one-stop smart solution for the construction industry, allowing many manual tasks to be digitized, making the work easier and reducing accidents.

Construction solution realizes the wisdom of personnel management

Site staff attendance and work arrangements are very cumbersome tasks. The construction solution can use the sensors on the smart helmet to manage staff safety and attendance, and improve operational efficiency. Sensors can record the physical condition of site employees at any time to ensure that workers can work in a healthy state. The second is safety. When the monitoring system recognizes that the worker has entered the restricted area through the GpS on the smart helmet, an alarm will be issued immediately. Or when a worker is in danger, the alarm can also be issued, so that the manager can arrange for other personnel to come to support.

Management of construction machinery by construction solution

Various heavy machinery and dump trucks are often needed in the construction industry. When the heavy machinery is working, workers cannot stay nearby. It is only necessary to install a radar system in the heavy machinery to reduce the occurrence of such accidents. The dump truck management can be fully digitized, the license plate is detected through the image recognition system, and whether the coverage is complete, and the tracker can identify the driving route of the dump truck and whether the location of the dumped sludge is correct. In addition, the data can explain and analyze, optimize the use of dump trucks, make transportation more efficient and save costs.

Smart management of the construction site

In addition, the construction solution can intelligently manage the site environment. After establishing an environmental monitoring station, use smart IoT sensors to measure temperature, humidity, air quality, noise, wind speed, and wind direction to ensure that workers have a good working environment. Cooperate with artificial intelligence technology to assess the risk of heatstroke in harsh environments and arrange suitable jobs.