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What are the pros and cons of picking up online

Feb 28 - 2022

global payment gateways

In recent years, the progress of the Internet global payment gateways has been very agile. The e-commerce industry is also booming. Many people have gradually become interested in purchasing goods they need online without going out at home, and they can get it indirectly online. We use Alipay, WeChat, and bank cards to pay more every day. So do you know what are the advantages and disadvantages of using online payment? Are there any risks in online payment?

online payment method

1. Alipay

Log in to Alipay, click Transfer, choose to transfer to Alipay (bank card), fill in the amount to be transferred and the Alipay account of the other party (or the bank card number of the recipient), click Confirm, output Alipay to receive the password, and confirm that the transfer is successful.

2. WeChat payment

Log in to WeChat, close the input box on the chat page, click the "+" sign on the left side of the input box, find the transfer on it, output the amount, click OK, output the password to receive the transfer, and the transfer is successful; log in to WeChat, find the wallet transfer, select the recipient, and enter Amount, click transfer, and you're done.

3. Tenpay

Tenpay quick collection means that when users purchase goods, they do not need to keep the old-fashioned online banking, as long as the bank card number, account name, mobile phone number and other information are provided. After the bank has verified the correctness of the mobile phone number, the third party will receive and send the static password of the mobile phone to the user's mobile phone number. , the user can complete the payment by outputting the correct mobile phone dynamic password.

4. Internet Banking

Online banking, also known as online banking, online banking or e-banking, is a virtual counter established by various banks on the Internet. Banks use online technology to provide customers with account opening, account cancellation, inquiry, account reconciliation, and banking through the Internet. Internal transfer, inter-bank transfer, credit, online securities, investment and wealth management and other traditional services, so that customers can safely and conveniently manage fixed and demand deposits, checks, credit cards and personal investments without leaving their homes.

Advantages and disadvantages of online payment


1. Convenience. Easy to recharge, no need to find and exchange, no need to count. With online shopping, you don't have to go out.

2. Rate block. Instant account.

3. Avoid the risk of carrying a large amount of cash.

4. More and more merchants support electronic payment.


1. Network security risks.

2. The password is lost.

3. Unsupported shops cannot be used.

4. It cannot completely replace cash.

online payment risk

1. Receive a password leak. Once the attacker loses the payment password in some way, he can easily impersonate the cardholder to make purchases through the Internet, causing losses to the cardholder. This is the main concern that people have about the security of online payments.

2. The received data has been tampered with. Without the required security precautions, attackers can modify payment data in transit over the Internet. For example, the attacker can modify the payment bank card number, modify the payment amount, modify the payee's account number, etc., to achieve profit and create Internet payment incidents.



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