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Top 10 Most Useful Windows 10 Features You Must Know About

Sep 12 - 2023

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Microsoft has officially released the new generation of Windows 10 operating system and from now on users can upgrade and install the new system. In its place, Microsoft announced that Windows 7 and Windows 8 users can upgrade to Windows 10 for free within a year, but not for pirated versions. Meanwhile, Windows 10 will be a deep integration of Microsoft accounts with the operating system and will completely break down the boundaries between computers, tablets and smartphones.

1. Print to PDF

Finally, Windows has finally added a native "Print to PDF" feature to this generation of the operating system, which will make us no longer need to bother to download third-party PDF printing pdf conversion It should be noted that the official name of this service in Windows 10 has been renamed from the previous preview version of "Print as a PDF" to "Microsoft Print to PDF".

2. Background window sliding

One of the most frustrating aspects of Windows is that you can only use the mouse wheel to scroll the current active page, while other pages can not. But now you no longer need to download a program like WizMouse,merge pdf rearrange pages because Windows 10 has improved this by allowing users to scroll while moving the mouse to an inactive window. Of course, you must first enable this feature in your system settings.

3. Natural language search

Windows 10's built-in voice assistant, Cortana, is very useful, but the most powerful thing about her is her natural language search capabilities. For example, you can say things like, "Help me find a document from June," "Show me a photo from last week," and "Find a PowerPoint I made yesterday," and she'll almost always be able to She gives satisfactory results almost every time.pdf split and merge download online What's more, Cortana can even help you solve riddles!

4. Multiple monitor optimization

Using multiple monitors has always been such a headache in previous Windows systems, because if we usually need to make a tedious setup, but this problem no longer exists in Windows 10. Because the operation management system in the design of the time to take into account the impact of more and more monitors and the needs of users, and even added support for 4K monitors.

5. Wi-Fi Sense

One of the most impressive features of Windows 10 is WI-FI Sense, a Windows Phone technology that automatically connects the user's phone to a friend's or neighbor's Wi-Fi network, even if the user doesn't know the password, and has now been ported to Windows 10. This means that future Windows 10 users will be able to automatically connect to all available networks without having to enter a password.

6. Energy Saving Mode

Power Saving Mode in Window 10 comes from mobile devices and is a specific mode to improve battery life. This mode is automatically turned on when the device falls below a certain level of power (by default, below 20%), and then the system saves power by limiting background activity as much as possible.

7. Command Prompt

Probably the biggest change to the Command Prompt in Windows 10 is that it will finally allow users to use CRTL + V paste operations. In addition, the new command prompt will allow users to resize windows for the first time and even change the transparency of their background. This is a very thoughtful feature design for professionals who use this feature all day long.

8. Explorer

Microsoft has rebuilt Explorer in Windows 10. The new Explorer now displays the files and folders that users have recently accessed and frequently accessed, making it easier for users to find the information they need. While this design may take a while for users to get used to, it does lead to a very good user experience once adapted.

9. Video Recording

In a long time before us, Windows will be able to provide support for the system desktop to take screenshots as well as the function of Windows 8 is added a Windows key + Print Screen will save the screenshot to the picture resources folder function, but the Windows video can record some of the functions has been a gap in the market of the community.

However, the new Game DVR function in Windows 10 completely solves this problem. Users can simply use the shortcut Win+G to call out a small navigation bar that includes video recording capabilities, and can link to the Game DVR Hub (the first time you enable this particular software, you'll be asked to confirm that the app you're recording is a game), and clicking on Record will automatically record a video from an already open app window (not full screen). This feature, although aimed at gamers who want to share their videos, can also be used as a tool for recording video tutorials.

10. File History View

The File History feature in Windows 10 completely replaces the backup feature in Windows 8, which was one of the best features of the system. On this system, if the user clicks on "Previous Versions", he or she can view all previous versions of the file.