improve the quality of coffee with a few tips

Feb 09 - 2023

improve the quality of coffee with a few tips

Buy better soy beans

You may be used to buying only the same coffee beans that you have been drinking for years, but the selection of coffee beans nowadays is very large and impressive. There are many ways to buy coffee beans from cafes, online stores, supermarkets, and more.

And good coffee doesn't have to cost a lot of wireless vacuum cleaner manufacturer money to buy, sometimes you can give a chance to those who don't know the brand or merchant and buy some good quality coffee that is not expensive. And maybe you will have a new discovery and find a better tasting or higher CP value coffee.

Store your coffee beans properly

Once you have bought the coffee beans, they must be stored in the right way. The best way to store coffee is in an airtight container and in a cool and dry place (not frozen or refrigerated). It is generally best to use opaque containers, but if you use clear containers, put them in a cabinet to avoid the effects of light sources.

3. Weigh the soybeans

Each brewing method requires a different percentage of coffee powder and water. Too little powder applied will have no flavor, too much applied will have too much flavor.

The best way to find the most suitable amount of coffee beans is to use an electronic scale, rather than using a few spoons to measure, then the coffee taste and brewing parameters will be smoother in proportion.

4. Choose a good bean grinder

There are many bean grinders on the market, the main thing is to choose the right one for you. Some electric grinders are easy to apply and the coarse and fine level of grinding meets expectations, but it will be more difficult to use. It is not recommended to use a blade grinder, as the coarseness of the grind will fluctuate greatly, and the grinding process is prone to heat and can damage the quality of the coffee beans.

Once you find the best grinder for you, find the grind that best suits your brewing appliance. Generally speaking, a fine grind is suitable for espresso, a medium-fine grind for hand brew, and a coarse grind for cold brew or French press. If you have doubts about the grind, you can refer to the introduction of the model of grinder on the Internet and experience the results of brewing to find the most suitable combination of grind for your equipment.

5. Pay attention to the brewing water

No matter what way you make coffee, the only coffee capsule raw materials used are coffee beans and water.

The most suitable coffee brewing water must be clean and tasteless, you can apply barrel water or filtered water, so that each time you brew out of the coffee is not affected by the odor, producing a more pure taste of coffee.

6. Try different brewing methods

There are many ways to brew coffee. In addition to the common home coffee machine, you can try a hand brewed filter cup or French press pot, or simple espresso brewing equipment (moka pots, aloha presses, etc.).

Some of these devices may take a little more time to learn how to brew, but the resulting coffee will taste better.

If you don't have much space in your kitchen, that's great! These brewing equipment instead of coffee machines not only do not take up much space, but some of them use metal filters, which can reduce the consumption of filter paper.