Sponge cleaning cloth believe that everyone is placed at home with folded hands

Aug 14 - 2023


Sponge cleaning cloth believe that everyone is placed at home with folded hands.cellulose sponge sheet What do you usually do with it? Do the dishes, wipe the table? If that's all you know about it, you're at a loss! Today, Bien Xiao will teach you how to get the new features of a clean cloth.

Put away the needle and thread

Usually students like to do their own handmade friends, konjac body spongeis not often encountered trouble where we commonly used needle and thread to compare and choose the right choice. It's dangerous to put it on the outside without stabbing someone. Xiao Bian tells you that if you do not know where to put the needle and thread, you can put it on the clean cloth.

Why don't doctors recommend towels?

First of all, the stratum corneum and lipid membrane on the surface of the skin together constitute the barrier layer of the skin,steel sponge which not only protects the body from external bacteria and viruses, but also prevents the loss of water in the body.

If you often use a rough towel bath, rubbing the skin red, rubbing pain, is a mechanical damage to the skin barrier, is likely to destroy this protective film, make the skin sensitive and fragile, in addition to easy to dry itching, it also increases the risk of skin disease.

Clinically, some adults have been found to be infected with molluscum contagiosa, commonly known as "water boil". Water boils are usually found in infants and young children with weakened immune systems. People often bathe with facial towels, especially when they scrub hard, the cuticle of the skin will be destroyed, reducing resistance to viruses and increasing the risk of skin diseases.

It is reported that Shu Chang, an attending physician of the dermatology department of Peking University Union Chinese Hospital, made it clear in his personal Weibo post that the moloch virus can be spread through direct contact, friction and scratching of some slightly damaged skin, or moloch autoimmunization. Contaminants on bath towels, bath sponges or towels may also be one of the problems due to the way the virus information is transmitted.

Dr. Sun Qiuning suggested that you can apply the body to the shower gel, stay for 3-5 minutes, and then rinse with water, and then the cuticle has been softened, and gently scrub with a soft towel to "mud" down.

In fact, many doctors do not recommend using towels.

Hou Wei, director of the oncology department at Guang 'anmen Hospital of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, told the Health Times in 2017 that the elderly should not bathe and exhume too much.

The sebaceous glands of the elderly have entered a period of atrophy. Taking a bath too often, rubbing hard, will wash away the oil that is secreted, so that the skin loses its natural protective film, resulting in itchy skin.

Wu Xiaoping, deputy chief physician of the Dermatology department of Zhejiang People's Hospital, also pointed out in an article published in China Health Times in 2016 that the keratin membrane is one of the protective barrier layers of the skin, its role is to reduce the evaporation of soil water, keep your skin moist, and also effectively resist the invasion of various microorganisms in society. If we usually bathe too much, it will cause the destruction of this natural protective film, resulting in a lot of skin sensitivity, red blood. At the same time, it may aggravate dry skin and even induce pruritus.

The joints of the neck, ears, armpits, hands and feet - areas that are usually sweaty but not easy to clean regularly - can be scrubbed, but not too much.

Pay attention to these in the shower, too!

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