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Suitable for cleaning uneven surface and deep stubborn dirt, easy to maintain, do not leave scratches, do not damage the surface

Sep 14 - 2023

Suitable for cleaning uneven surface and deep stubborn dirt, easy to maintain, do not leave scratches, do not damage the surface

The magic coconut sponge is an easy-to-use cleaning tool. kitchen sponge brandIn dealing with some bad or can not use rags to deal with the stains, especially need to show her strong cleaning ability, because basically only need water to remove stubborn stains, so that after cleaning things to achieve the old and new effect. How does this work, you might ask? Don't worry, there are some cosmetics waiting for you to answer.

First of all, we should start with the material and structure of the magic coconut sponge. The magical coconut sponge is made of melamine foam, which is developed and managed by the advanced national nano-materials science and information technology enterprise in China, and its interior is a three-dimensional space network with an open structure. By analyzing this economic and social organization structure, students can dip the magical coconut sponge in water and automatically control the adsorption of stains on the important surface of the research target during the wiping process. Magic coconut sponge wipe is purely physical decontamination, safe and environmentally friendly.

Suitable for cleaning uneven surface and deep stubborn dirt, easy to maintain, do not leave scratches, do not damage the surface of the object, easy to use, do not need chemical cleaning agents. Because of the inside open structure of the magic coconut sponge, the dirt on the adsorption can be removed after pressing in the water, can be reused, very convenient.

Because this magical coconut sponge is consumable, it will wear out when you use it. Therefore, it is necessary to properly control the water, which is more likely to lead to eating peeling if it is too dry.

Which brush works better?

In our daily life, silicone products can be used in many places. sponge wholesale manufacturerFor example, we usually use a bath brush. In many people's eyes, silicone bath brush is only a material change, to replace the coconut sponge bath ball or iron bath ball, and this kind of product relatively low-profile. Today we're going to learn about this product's silicon bath brush.

Silicone bath brush is made of environmentally friendly silicone material, which is non-toxic and tasteless, resistant to high temperature of 230℃ and low temperature of -40℃, soft to the touch and skin-friendly. Suitable for all skin types, sensitive muscles and children.

We know that the environment of the bathroom air humidity appropriate, temperature appropriate, and cultivate a large number of bacterial microorganisms. Compared with other materials, the silicon bath brush is dry and lacks the physical properties of water, which greatly reduces the survival rate of bacteria.

Palm-sized back-rubbing brushes are different from thousands of silicone brushes in China, with different lengths and scattered changes, which can clean every inch of your skin 360 degrees. It's like we can clean every inch of your skin 360 degrees.

Imagine going home after a hard day's work and taking a shower. As the dense silicone mane rubs back and forth on your skin, your skin acts like a SPA and the fatigue that completely relaxes your body dissipates instantly.

Silicone bath brush. When each silica gel bristle touches your skin, it helps to remove mites and exfoliate the skin, improve the oil balance of the back skin, make your skin clean and refreshing, reduce skin tension, penetrate the skin, and drive away those mites that we can't see but are hurting our skin! Massage when brushing your teeth is helpful to promote blood circulation of your skin, brighten your complexion, and make your skin crystal clear, delicate and ruddy. It has a remarkable effect after two weeks of continuous use.

Silica gel bath brush not only can clean the skin, massage the back, but also can let the skin absorb more skin care nutrients, make it transparent and elastic.

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