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Winter home pest control 6 tricks

Dec 08 - 2023

Winter home pest control 6 tricks

What about pest control? Chinese SWAN Insecticide spray The best time is now, with 6 home pest control tips

The weather is getting colder, and the bugs that used to haunt everywhere are gone. Most people think that bugs freeze to death. In fact, the bugs just "hid" in a warm place for the winter. Good news for people who are afraid of bugs: cold weather is the most important and effective time of year to prevent bugs. At this time, thoroughly eliminate the eggs and their breeding grounds, and next year you will no longer see any traces of bugs in your home.

Winter is the best time for home pest control

Low activity

The temperature is low, the activity and density of the insects are low, the concentration is concealed, SWAN insect killer manufacturer and most of them are in a state of laying eggs or "hibernation".

Cockroaches, mosquitoes, mites, bedbugs, etc., are the most common household pests, Chinese SPRITEX Insecticide spray taking cockroaches as an example, usually a cockroach can breed 40 small cockroaches, if not pest control, allowing its free reproduction, theory can be reached thousands of a year later.

Taking advantage of its characteristics, this time insecticide can reduce a large number of insect reproduction.

Likes to live indoors

Insects prefer to live indoors in the cold, while modern homes provide complex natural habitats with crevice filled environments.

Number of effective pest control

Since almost all pests are locally produced, it is necessary to control them in a self-sufficient environment.

It is almost impossible for most household pests to actively spread over long distances in different areas, and even mosquitoes with large ranges can only fly about 400 meters.

Therefore, removing eggs from the environment can effectively control pests.

Six tips for home pest control

If you want to get rid of pests, you should start with environmental control and use some physical and chemical control methods if necessary:

1. Clean regularly

Household pests are mainly grain pests and storage pests.

Rice worms, cockroaches and other food pests: mainly hidden in rice jars, bread bags, cabinets and other food containers, regularly clean the kitchen, toilet and other dead corners.

Seal flour, sugar and other ingredients; Do not bring food overnight and take out the garbage promptly.

Ants, mites and other storage pests: often appear in closets, cabinets and other closed environments. Pay attention to regular turn, more drying, more shaking.

The dead space of toilet water storage should be kept dry, and the water in flower POTS, vases, floor drains and other places should be cleaned in time.

2. Boil in hot water

And people's direct contact with the items, such as rags, tableware, kitchen utensils and other high temperature cooking can be used for disinfection and sterilization, remove the role of killing eggs. Even if some people do not use chopsticks and bowls often, they should be cleaned frequently to avoid contaminating each other.

Clothes, sofa covers, carpets, towels and other household items that are not worn for a long time are recommended to be cleaned at least once a month.

3. Cold freezing

Most insects can't survive very long in ultra-low temperatures. Cockroaches, for example, die at -8 ° C.

In the cold and dry winter, mattresses, sheets, quilts, clothes, etc. They can be aired outdoors regularly and frozen at low temperatures to kill the eggs.

4. Use less medication

Due to the fewer winter Windows, it is not recommended to use the drug in large quantities when using insecticides. However, if there is still worm infection after the above treatment, appropriate medication can be used.

For example, cockroaches in the kitchen and bathroom and other insect frequented places, with "less, more points, wide" as the principle of delivery, focus on killing cockroaches bait.

5. Ventilate frequently

When exterminating insects in winter, ventilation should be done well. Because when you clean your room, it is also the time when the pollutants in the air are most dense.

When cleaning sofas, mattresses or carpets, a lot of hidden bacteria, dust mites, dander will also float in the air. At this time, it is best to wear a mask and ensure that the window is ventilated.

When spraying insecticide, try to spray the agent on the wall, crevices, corners, do not spray in the air, reduce human harm.

When people are away during the day, proper ventilation can be used to reduce the density of dust mites.

6. Keep Principle 368 in mind

If you want to eliminate insects in your home, you can use the "Rule 368" of "Plug three eyes, seal six gaps, and check eight."

Three eyes blocked:

Plug the water pipe, gas pipe, heating pipe and other pipes through the orifice.

Seal six seams:

Holes and cracks in walls, floors, door frames, window sills (frames), sinks and sewers should be closed with putty, cement and other materials.

Eight Checks:

Refers to the table, cabinet, chair, mouth (sewer), pool (sink), table (kitchen cutting board), seam, pile (miscellaneous pile). These eight places are easy for insects, especially cockroaches, to hide and invade areas.