Introduction of international maritime logistics knowledge, international maritime transportation precautions

Dec 20 - 2023

international maritime

With the development of the Internet, the trade war between countries has gradually intensified. In transportation, the more difficult problem is international logistics, and in international logistics transportation, international sea transportation has become an unavoidable mode of transportation.esg shipping Next, we will introduce the knowledge and precautions of international sea transportation.

First of all, if you have goods to export abroad, you need to find a reliable international freight forwarding company.logistic and supply chain After price negotiation, the goods can be transported to the warehouse of the forwarder. Secondly, after the goods arrive at the forwarding warehouse, your exclusive customer service will receive, pack, declare, sail, clear customs at destination port, unpack, distribute and ship for you.

I: international maritime transportation logistics management knowledge for introduction.

International maritime transportation: refers to the carrier in accordance with the agreement of the contract of carriage of goods by sea, the ship as a means of transportation, freight charges as remuneration for international maritime logistics, divided into sea containers and sea bulk cargoes, shipper's goods by sea from a country's ports to the ports of another country.

FCL (Full Container Load): one container per ticket or multiple containers per ticket.

LCL (less than container load) : three or more than three containers.

II. Characteristics of international sea transportation.

International shipping is not limited by roads and tracks and has a greater transportation capacity. The handling process of the shipping industry involves people and management from different countries and regions, and the shipping industry is also subject to public international law and international management, and is influenced by the political laws of each country.

Among the different transportation management tools, waterborne transportation is one of the slower ones.sustainable shipping company International maritime transport is only one important link in transportation, and it is important that seaports at both ends of the chain use the transportation network of other countries. International maritime transportation may also be affected by the conditions of climatic resources and weather conditions, and the length of the voyage is not easy to carry out accurately.

International maritime port facilities are generally built by the government, the operation of international maritime enterprises can save a lot of infrastructure investment. Due to the large cargo capacity of the ship, the use of long time, long transportation mileage, low logistics costs国际海运价格.

III. Problems to be noted in international maritime transportation logistics.

International sea transportation is the slowest of all modes of transportation.

The cost of international transportation depends on the place of departure, different types of goods and different prices.

It is recommended to carry out sending a maritime logistics parcel from 10KG to avoid backlogs on the cargo ship and loss of parcels with less risk空运报价.

The limits of international sea transportation depend on the destination, date of shipment and other factors物流公司.

It is susceptible to natural conditions, climate and other factors that prolong the transportation period or cause damage to the goods.